Another Girls Weekend

This past weekend was my annual weekend retreat with the girls! I only see these girls once a year. They come from all over – each somehow connected to Alana in her travels over the years, but now all friends too connected from our weekends together.

We sit this morning chatting as the weekend comes to a close. Messy hair all around because the hot water died last night, but no one really cares. That’s the badge of true girlfriends!

The discussion at the moment revolves around fruit & vegetables! We always share ideas about what to eat & what NOT to eat ( bodily functions stories always have us laughing which can cause bodily function issues on it’s own!)

There are the stories of kids growing up – it used to be tales of toddlers and baby barf banter. Now it’s teenager torture and pre-teen primping. Stories of first loves, fitting in, learning to drive and heart aches that we can’t fix (but we still try)

We share recipes and ideas. Someone is always eating something new, or on some diet but it’s less than it used to be. We’re more content with the shape our bodies are in. And the noises they make! LOL!

We catch up on what we’ve done over the past year – accomplishments, camping, world travels, new jobs, new prospects and directions in our lives.

As I listen, I think about how we are each so different, yet so much the same.

We are all moms, but we make different choices for our kids. Yet no one is doing the “wrong” thing. We are all just trying to do our best. We laugh and learn from each other’s mistakes and triumphs.

We are all wives, sometimes our marriages are good, sometimes not. We have troubles and questions about our relationships. Yet we all have such a huge capacity to love and to be loved. We are worthy; we are enough. I see that around this room of great women.

We are all sisters-maybe not in blood, but sisters still. We come from different families, different backgrounds. We are sisters in experience, in time, in life. That is what makes these weekends special. It doesn’t matter where we come from or where we started.

Thank you, my friends. You are each so very special. May your year be all you dream of! Know that each of you inspire me to be stronger, happier, more beautiful and more me than I ever could be before I met you. Thank you!

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