I Was Here

She sits in her room – sunbeams streaming through her window. A simple pencil and eraser in her hands. So focused on her work. Lines and shading-creating the picture in front of her. In her mind, she pictures herself sitting at an easel there in a school in the mountains. Surrounded by nature in her favorite place in the whole world. Mountains and forests that call her to create.

The typewriter clicks and clacks as words fly onto pages. A story to tell. Her hand scribbles in a journal, thoughts, feelings that she cannot say out loud, but she can write. All those phrases that are constantly forming in her head stream onto pages. Stories of a girl and her friends. Poems about life. Dreams of a young woman ready to take on the world. She imagines someone reading her words half a world away.

Another day, she dances – arms outstretched, headphones on her ears. Singing the words to a song that touches her heart. Words that someone wrote just for her. Feeling her body rock and sway to the rhythm she feels with every part of her body. Not caring who sees, just feeling with all her soul. She dreams of fans touched by her voice.

Where is she now?

Where is that girl from long ago?

She had so many plans to make her mark on the world. So many dreams that there was no room in her heart for fear, no room for rejection, no room for perfection, no room for people that said “you can’t do that”.

Where is she? Can you see her?

She is there in the mother that curls up with the girl that is so quickly growing into a young woman. Letting her know that no matter what “they” say – she can do anything because she is strong – her strength is found there in that determined jaw.

She is there..in that blog post where she opens her heart to the world. Where she dreams to give even just one person hope for a better day. Her faith is there on a screen for all the world to see.

She is there…in that mom of the young man that is still willing to go for a walk with her and thanks her for something as simple as a Frosty because he has a kind heart – her heart – that he will carry with him.

She is there…in quilted lines of imperfect piecing and uneven stitches. Bright fabrics and colors selected with an eye for something different. Her message of giving remains in every piece she creates.

She is there…in the quiet eyes of the little boy that works so intently on everything he does, absorbed in his creations and love of nature just as she is – she is there in his patience and love so big.

She is there…in a smile that she gives to someone that looks so sad, not knowing that her smile gives that person the encouragement to fight the fight for one more day.

She is there…in the causes she fights for. Her motivation lifts the spirits of those thinking that one person cannot make a difference. The Walks, The Runs, The Rides, battles she fights for those who cannot; because “it’s the least she can do”. She is there in the belief that it will be beaten.

She is there…at that kitchen sink, singing along with the words of new songs and old ones. Dancing in the living room with kids or slow dancing in the kitchen with her lover. The music still takes her there.

She is there…in the tear she shares with the friend that is hurting. The shoulder she offers to help carry the load of the friend struggling with the pain. Her friendship spreads from one woman to another.

She is there…in the passion she has for the man in her life. Her love for him shines out to others, giving them permission to truly love and forgive and love again.

She is there…she waits for you to find her again.

She is here.

I Was Here.

2 thoughts on “I Was Here

  1. Shawna, you are gifted. You touched my heart yet again today. Words can’t express my gratitude for your gift with words from your heart. I love you girl.
    I was here.

    1. Oh Crystal, you are so very welcome and thank you for your kind words. It lifts me to know that my little bit of blogging touches people – I am blessed to have my readers!

      Love you too! I’m glad you know that you have made a mark as well – you have so many gifts as well, my friend!

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