How NOT to Get Sick

This morning for some reason, I made a mental note how I’ve not been sick much over the past year. Come to think of it, my family hasn’t been sick much either, thankfully. Some colds here and there, but that’s about it. At least not enough to actually remember being sick. Including the common cold. I wondered about that and thought I’d share some observations.

  1. I started My Happiness Project almost a year ago – Happier = Healthier?
  2. I ramped up my workouts over the past year; I’m in the best shape that I’ve EVER been – Stronger Person = Stronger Immune System?
  3. I don’t clean with a lot of chemicals (and I don’t clean much at all! 😉 ) – Less Chemicals, Less Irritants = Healthier House?
  4. I am a hand-washing guru (I used to be a Med.Lab.Tech.) and refuse to use hand sanitizer – Cleaner Hands = Less Sickness?
  5. I eat a much better diet – Garbage OUT = Good Stuff In?
  6. I don’t get flu shots nor take a bunch of “stuff” (aka – Chemicals) – Let My System Do the Work = Strong System?
  7. I drink more vodka – Alcohol is a sanitizer = No bugs live here!? (Just kidding!!! I don’t drink that much!!)

I did have a head cold a couple weeks ago. That just happened to coincide with me being very negative, depressed, not working out and overall not “NEW” self! Interesting! What’s also interesting about that cold was that I took a couple days off right away and got better in a matter of days instead of the weeks it always took me before.

A couple assumptions about me though:

  1. I grew up on a farm, drinking milk straight from the cow and veggies with the dirt still on them – I have a pretty strong immune system in general
  2. My kids are older now so we’ve been through pretty much most of the early childhood sicknesses
  3. I am not near as stressed out as I used to be which has been proven to make people healthier in general
  4. I have never kept a “super-clean” house, so my family has a pretty tough immune system anyway 🙂
  5. We have some pretty good genes in my family – not much for overall illnesses in general – thanks to God for that

Now, this is just observations in my family and myself. I am not a doctor or anything like that at all. Do what YOU think is best for you and your family.

However, I do think that there is some truth to having a healthier lifestyle and being better able to fight off sickness. That can be proven by the stats.

Anyway, these are things I think about while on my days off! LOL! The life of leisure! I could get used to this! <GRIN> Ooooo! And a song to share (of course!) from one of my favorite Canadian Country artists!


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