Working for the Weekend

It’s Friday! I’ve had a fantastic week off – got a ton of stuff done, including TOTALLY REVAMPING our website (click to see it!) to a simpler format. I have learned so much over the past 8 months or so! Hard to believe that we just started this business in February! We’ve learned so much and still have a ways to go! But…it has been so fun! I love it!

I got to play with some new tools (yeah, I’m a nerd!) Gist and Tungle

I got to play with my hubby too! 😉

So…Celebrate that the weekend is here! Enjoy time with your friends, your family and yourself!!

Here’s to all my

    80’s peeps

and all those “young’uns” who probably have no idea who Loverboy is! They were one of my favorite bands! I thought Mike Reno was “totally wicked”! Especially in his hot headbands!!!

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