10 Things I Love About You

Happy 12th Anniversary to my darling!

Here’s 10 Things I love about you (though the list could be MUCH longer!)

  1. How you can always make me laugh, even when I’m in the middle of a cry or a rant
  2. The way we can talk for hours about anything & everything
  3. The way we can just be together and not have to fill the silence
  4. The way you always have fun with the kids – you’re just a big kid yourself!
  5. How your big feet pull the sheets out at the end of the bed because it means that you’re in bed with me!
  6. How you’re not afraid to put an arm around me, hold my hand or kiss me – even in public
  7. The sound of your voice, especially when you say my name
  8. How you take care of things – doing laundry, cooking, cleaning, making lunches, doing laundry
  9. The way I can be when I’m around you – I can be ME – weird, silly, scared, excited, and everything in between
  10. How you can make the whole world disappear when I’m in your arms

I’m so glad to be the woman with you

You’re still the one I want forever


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