Proud Mommy Moment

I am so proud of my oldest “child” – I use that term because he’ll always be my “baby”; though in a couple weeks he’ll be 20!

He lives at home with us right now while he goes to College. He’s doing well there, and I am proud of that, but that’s not why I’m writing this post!

Yesterday was a day where I realized just how very grown up my “little man” has become.

  1. He “texted” me just before lunch and offered to bring me lunch because he was there getting some for himself!
  2. He dropped off offered lunch to me at my desk because I was busy
  3. He and his sister and his girlfriend entertained their grandparents (my parents) at our home for over an hour while I was still at work
  4. His girlfriend offered to help me make dinner when I got home
  5. He and his girlfriend were running out to get popcorn from the theatre for a movie they were going to watch at home and offered to bring some for my husband and I!

When did this “kid” become a considerate, thoughtful adult? And a nice guy on top of that??!! 🙂

This is the same “kid” that years before:

  1. Stomped his feet and threw things when he didn’t get what he wanted
  2. Said he hated me and stormed off, slamming doors
  3. Was grounded so many times, even from his own birthday party because of his behaviour
  4. Made me cry privately so many times when he was a teenager constantly questioning everything I said/did/wanted done
  5. That I dragged away from video games and TV to family events
  6. Made some bad choices in friends – not all, but some
  7. Was uncaring about anyone but himself
  8. Couldn’t care less about school or anything for that matter

I brag about this today because so many of you struggle with your kids (including me!) and wonder about your abilities as parents. Know that you are doing your best and they will turn out OK. This guy that I adore was the same little @#$%$% brat that you have now (and me with the younger two!) and look at him! He is the BEST young MAN a mother could ask for!

I am young because of this MAN in my life – he teaches me to appreciate every single day I have with him.

I dedicate this song to you, about your favorite sport & following dreams. Dream BIG my son! Love you!

And also, as always – our song – though it means so much more to me now that you’re older. You are my life, my love

5 thoughts on “Proud Mommy Moment

  1. Love this! It made me smile real big and gave me hope! 😉 I have an 8 year old son and a 5 year old daughter..we are in some wonderful stages at the moment! Haha!

  2. He did turn out to be a wonderful young man, he had a great mother who helped him learn his way in life.
    Be very proud of him.

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