A Titanic Weekend

We’re back to reality today after our weekend in Vegas with Dale & Krystal. It’s not an easy pill to swallow! LOL! 🙂 We had a really, really great time!

Krystal and I were discussing highlights as we sat having a coffee in the Luxor yesterday afternoon. We couldn’t really pick just one thing. We listed off many, many of the adventures we’d had – each of us pointing out different things that we’d enjoyed. Four days of adventure and we squeezed in so many things!

The weekend started with a big laugh as Bruce and I watched the clock, waiting for the Worth’s to pick us up at 5:15. We kept asking each other: “Have you heard from them?” No texts, no calls….hmmmm…Laughing, Bruce called their house – Poor Dale sleepily answered “Not much” to Bruce’s question of “What’s up?” A few seconds later, we were giggling as Dale obviously realized what time it was, there was some clunking and rummaging around and then the phone disconnected! 🙂 The Worth’s arrived in record time at our house just 15 minutes later!! Damn alarms!! We all laughed all the way to the airport!

Luck was with us that first day – not only did we make it to the airport in time, we were able to check into our suite HOURS earlier than check-in time! We practically sprinted from our hotel down to the strip a couple blocks away! Planet Hollywood, here we come! The girls hit the shopping, while the boys hit the tables! Whoo Hoo!

Krystal and I goofed off in a store that seemed to have forgotten what decade we are in – 80’s craziness! Wow!! We found our tall slushy drinks FINALLY! Sheesh! We should have had them hours before! I mean, really, it was almost happy hour by the time we found them! LOL! So many shops, so much vodka!! So little time…..oh, and Victoria’s Secret became a very fun stop (and my little SECRET!) for the Cevraini’s 😉

Saturday’s fun included the Price is Right! What a great show!! All of us got right into it, yelling prices and “Higher” or “Lower” to the contestants as the game progressed! I even made it to Contestant’s Row!! That was REALLY exciting!! I was sweating like crazy and had NO IDEA what the hell I was doing!! LOL!! But it was really cool to be chosen out of all those people to go up there!! Didn’t win anything, but I didn’t care! It was just so thrilling!!!

Premium Outlets was a great “field trip” for us girls on Sunday! The boys, well, maybe not so much! However, Sunday also included moving to the Luxor! We decided to “wing it” for our hotel choice for Sunday night, so we got a great deal and it was a really cool place to stay! We got “dolled up” and headed out to a fancy dinner at the Red Square, a Russian inspired restaurant. A delicious meal with very STRONG vodka (right, Krystal?!) and $10 salads! LOL! Oh well, it was a special night out and we were starving! 😉

We did the all day buffet on Monday at the Luxor and then the boys and girls split up so that we wouldn’t have to keep up with them; our feet were a little tired! Plus, we could get more girl time! We checked out New York, New York and Excalibur. Krystal and I were moved as we went through the Titanic Artifact Expedition. It was eerily real, with incredible stories of the people and that fateful night.

As far as gambling goes; Krystal and I collected and lost some cash at the Casino War tables! We figured out Roulette at the little machines, because I’m too shy (and cheap!) to play at the Roulette table! We won some and lost some some at the Black Jack and Black Jack Switch tables and machines. We pretty much stayed even at the end of the weekend, maybe down only a little. Dale did really well at the craps table, and my sweetie stayed pretty much even overall. No huge winnings for the Cevraini’s; and Dale spent most of his on “interesting” stuff (right K? LOL 😉 ) it was really fun playing though! Gotta love that!

It truly was a “Titanic Weekend”! Our feet became a size bigger, our friendships grew, love was rekindled, and our hearts were filled to Titanic portions in just four days. Can’t wait until the next time! 🙂 Thanks guys!


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