The Girl Effect

About a year ago, I noticed something (I think it was on FB) about this website The Girl Effect and watched a different video about how educating and supporting girls in third world countries could LITERALLY change the world. I was moved. I was inspired. I was shocked. I followed along a Facebook right away from then on.

Last month, I felt the urge to share the latest video (below) with my family. My own daughter just turned 11. She had not realized (and I had not taught) just what life holds for girls her age in far away lands. We have had a Sponsor Child for Plan Canada (formerly Foster Parent’s Plan) (a girl, the same age as Rebecca) for several years, but even that did not hit home until now. Coincidentally, our original Sponsor Child has “moved away” and we are sponsoring another now. My daughter and I both wondered after we’d seen this video, what the real story is for our Sponsor Child. We pray it is not what we think….we pray that we helped her enough to give her the start that all girls deserve. We pray that she moved to help her family with her education that she has received…

The latest video:

My daughter then asked to share this video and the idea with her class and her teacher contacted me for the information. Her teacher is male and agrees that this is a good message to share with his class because they are old enough to understand and want to help make a change.

What can we do from so far away?

  1. We can spread the message. Everywhere. To Everyone. The more people know about this, the better chance these girls have
  2. Contribute your expertise and your time – I plan on someday getting to India (I was almost there last year) and contribute my computer and people skills to teach young girls and women there the skills they need to get a job and support their families and have a chance!
  3. Donate money to these programs.
  4. Teach our children to continue the battle and make a difference
  5. Be thankful for all we have and that our daughter’s don’t have to grow up this way. It’s an important message that we in the western world take our blessings for granted.

Please, pass this on and find a way to Change the World…one little girl at a time.

2 thoughts on “The Girl Effect

  1. What can you say to this? It’s disgusting how girls and women are treated in some parts of the world. I could get up on my soapbox and take aim at the a$$holes that made the parody ‘boy effect’ vid that is taking advantage of the keyword association too. They took it upon themselves to illustrate the disdain and disrespect that too many men still target toward women even in the “developed” world. We women – and our girls – are claiming our power, and they fear losing their control over us. Stay strong ladies!

    1. There’s still a long row to hoe, that’s for sure – we also need to teach our sons to cherish and respect the girls/women in their lives. And teach our girls to respect them as well. It’s not an easy task.

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