Little Moments

Just read a beautiful post, “Caught on Voicemail” on Stacey Curnow’s blog – about a mom’s little moment with her son that was caught on her husbands voicemail. It brought tears to my eyes because this mom realized her worth in those three minutes with her son. It also made me tear up when I thought about the little moments that I have with my own children that are so precious. And how I try so very hard to pay attention to those moments when they happen and hold them close.

I thought about yesterday, when I got home from work and didn’t even have my coat off yet when my youngest (who is already 10 now!) came running up to me and just hugged me. Hugged me hard and long. The old me would have been in a rush to get my stuff off, get supper going, move on to the next thing. But, I didn’t. I stopped right there and hugged him back for as long as he wanted. I kissed his head (that is getting so near to my own! How tall he is getting!) and told him I loved him. I soaked it all into the sponge of my heart.

I thought about how I came up from my “office” downstairs later last night to tuck them into bed. How I listened as my very grown up daughter detailed her pampering that she’d done in the bathroom while I’d been downstairs. How she asked me to feel her soft legs because she’d put “fancy” lotion on. She was so proud that she’d spent an HOUR on herself doing “grown up girl things” πŸ™‚ It made me smile and I oohed and aaahed with her over those long legs and how great she smelled. I breathed deeply of her strawberry hair and thought about how my precious girl isn’t so much a girl anymore. In the old days, I would have scolded her for taking so long with her bedtime ritual, but I was so happy that she took the time for herself and made herself feel good. It made my heart sing knowing that she is learning that she is important and she is worth it; something we women find so very hard. I’d like to think I have a hand in teaching her that.

I cherish those moments. I need to write them down more; capture them in any way that I can – like the voicemail that Ruthie Yarme was lucky enough to have. What are some of those moments that you have? With your children? Your spouse? Even yourself? Share in the comments πŸ™‚



One thought on “Little Moments

  1. I’m SO happy that the post resonated with you! The post, written by my dear friend Ruthie, brought tears to my eyes as well – so beautiful! It’s rare that we’re able to take a totally objective look at ourselves, and I’m grateful to Ruthie for sharing such a gorgeous story. Thank you so much for writing about how it affected you! Much love, Stacey

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