10 Simple Things

I was inspired while reading this post this morning from My Super Charged Life – 52 Not So Shocking Ways to Change Your Mood – I had a huge smile on my face. I’m on the right track!!

I made some decisions last night (and today) about what I’m going to say Yes to and what I’m saying No to! It is so very liberating!!

I thought I’d point out some of the things on my list that I’ve done to demonstrate what ANYONE can do to change your mood! Most of these are on the 52 List!

  1. Go for a run/walk/jiggle/anything that gets your body moving! It is the BEST therapy, I’m serious!
  2. Shovel snow – remarkably, this actually is very peaceful in the snowy quiet. My brain turns off and I just breathe in that fresh air
  3. Watch a movie that you love – alone or with someone. It’s a distraction as you can be immersed in the story.
  4. Snuggle into the covers and read a book. I LOVE that! The housework can wait!
  5. Play Lego – I was having a ROTTEN day on Sunday. As soon as I said, “screw it!” and sat down with the kids and played Lego for hours, everything else just went away!
  6. Listen – listen to your friend, your spouse, your kids, anyone that is dying to talk to you. Don’t advise, just listen. That is hard for me to do – but when I do it, man, it sure feels good!
  7. Star-gazing – we went star gazing the other night with my daughter’s class. We were all fascinated and learned something new! I can’t wait until summer and we go camping – it’s a new thing I want to learn more of
  8. Laugh. Really laugh. And be silly. Who really cares who’s watching? Like they have nothing better to do than make fun of you and your laugh! Whatever!!
  9. Eat your favorite food – in moderation of course, but really, is it so very terrible to eat something you really, really love? No guilt either people!
  10. Do something you love to do…for me, writing lifts me up. I don’t understand why I keep letting life get in the way and I don’t do it enough. It brings me such happiness….
  11. and a bonus thing – stick your tongue out and look like a dork! My annoying Enzo is on to something here….


What are some of the things you do?

4 thoughts on “10 Simple Things

  1. Love it!
    Exercise/move for sure is my favorite mood lifter, a hot tub and a good book (with an occasional glass of wine) are also on my mood lifting list…makes me smile just day dreaming of it…

  2. I loathe exercise, but dangit, it works! I second the motion re:shoveling. Although today it is -13 outside so I won’t be doing that right now. But growing up in N.D., I am a wicked good shoveler.

    And YES to your favorite food(s)–I treat myself to a handful of pistachios a few times a week and it always brings a smile.

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