New Hair New Heart

What is it about getting your hair done that can either bring such heartache or such joy? Women are weird, I’ve decided! Lol! Especially me!! Guys don’t seem to get excited about their hair – either way. They don’t seem to care!

I absolutely LOVE getting my hair done! Which is weird because i am just so NOT “girlie”!?!

I have short greying hair. I have always hated my hair. I’ve always had it short because, as I stated earlier, I am NOT girlie. I used to get perms just so that I wouldn’t have to curl it!

And now, I love LOVE my hair when it’s cut short and colored. It’s fun and I instantly feel 10 years younger! My biggest problem is that I am still terrible at justifying spending money and getting my hair done every 4 to 6 weeks that a short style requires!

So tonight, I listened to my heart and made another appointment RIGHT after I got my hair done! I am WORTH feeling this good! I am worth spending a little money and time on myself.

Don’t you think we’re cute in our new “Do’s”?? 🙂

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