The Unquiet

Wind whips through the palm fronds above me. Voices of strangers murmur and shout. Children splashing and laughing. Helicopter circling back and forth. A sneeze. A girl’s shrill shriek. Distant music drifting in and out as the wind changes direction. Another helicopter. Flip flops smacking past me. A splash as he jumps in. Where is that helicopter? Voices in a language foreign to me. Squeaky stroller wheel; man, I’m glad I’m past that stage. He hums a little tune as he watches his toes tip-toe on the tile. Laughter – an unheard joke. Fricking helicopter!

Wind picking up again, making the sun less intense, but still blessed hot. The cackle of likely vodka induced laughter. I should have brought a drink down with me. Creak of lounge chair. Almost caught the refrain of that song as the wind changes again. Gate crashing closed for the umpteenth time. Now the hiss of a hose somewhere. Will that helicopter run out of gas already??? A dry leaf rolls across the tile, little clicking sound.

Chair scraping a little as it’s adjusted to face the sun. The song! Something rocking but easy to listen to-can’t quite get the words. I swear that helicopter is just being an asshole as he circles again, low enough to see my stretch marks! WTH?! Two different songs drift past my ears. Some old guy makes shooting sounds towards the helicopter; “I Shot the Sheriff”?!

Whoo hoo from the pool. Dragging his feet on the tile – must be tired. Gate slams again. “Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one” words I catch in the song. A distant plane, high above. A song I recognize – “I Could Use Somebody”. Hey! The helicopter is gone! Guess the old guy got ‘im! Foot dragging guy comes back – carrying like 4 drinks-no wonder he drags his feet-he probably got nagged to get them while she lays in the sun. A different song from my left. A sploosh as a dad flings the kid off his shoulders into the pool. Giggles. Sound of a power saw – the next tower rising up.

Chair shifting again – worrying about that tan. Looks pretty even to me. Big brother forced to bring little brother down – sullen look, tshirt on, self conscious I’ll bet. Click of sunscreen bottle – dad is here now and lathers up tanned mom; daughter is whiter and tries to lather herself up. Telling tales of their trip to the parks. “what have you been doing mom?” son asks. Dad hears mom tell of the news from home “Peter says it was snowing a lot at home?” No one seems disappointed that they missed it?! Friends join them – more snow discussion; road closures. A foot so far! A mocking laugh from son as he lathers on the sunscreen.

Ack! It’s the helicopter again! A clock ticking? Must have been a radio commercial? “She moves in mysterious ways” across the air waves. Helicopter buzzes again. Wind still rushing through the fronds – changes direction constantly, fades then comes back. Whoo hoo again from the pool.

I am alone. A vacation. Free time from everyone. In all this, this “Unquiet”, I enjoy the silence. No one needing me. No one. Alone. Blessed.

2 thoughts on “The Unquiet

  1. Now I am totally on board with King’s of Leon, but “I Shot the Sheriff” makes me bleed out of every orifice. Gotta shut that old one down. It’s just as bad as the helicopter.

    I love this. I love how, when you are alone and away from the drudgery of things, you are able to pick up on sensory things. Things you wouldn’t have noticed otherwise.

    Are you an auditory person? My husband is, and his whole life is a soundtrack to him. Personally, I’m a smeller. That sounds a lot less glamorous, eh?

    Quiet. Enjoy.

    1. I am definitely auditory – I can pick up the words of every song after hearing only a couple bars! I was reading “Bird by Bird” and was moved by all those sounds around me! It’s been such a fantastic vacation! A smeller….mmmm…thinking of all those awesome recipes & kitchen smells you must create! Cheers my friend!

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