Where I’m From – Camping Version

We went camping at the farm this weekend; on the heels of several posts about “Where I’m From”. I thought I’d add to the list. I’ve written before about this, but thought I’d add some camping photos and things I thought about this weekend.

I’m from:

  • Green and more green, surrounding me, comforting me in it’s lushness
  • Late night games of “kick the can” and hiding in the darkness
  • Stories and lessons around the campfire; accompanied by calories that just don’t count
  • Canoe trips down the same river that somehow has changed over the years, just like me
  • Not minding a little bit of rain, barely noticing it on my face
  • Spotting birds, some familiar, some not – waking up to their songs of the day
  • Wild roses, blooming and filling the air with their sweet smell
  • Blue skies as far as I can see; looking up through the trees or across the hills
  • Talks over a cup of coffee are the way to solve anything
  • Where the words “I do” mean forever – miss you Granny and Grandpa…
  • A place where you can go for miles and still be near family
  • Mosquitoes chowing down on every exposed piece of skin, but being outside anyway
  • Laughs and giggles into the dark night as the coyote howls and the occasional thunder rolls
  • Picking blue bells and tiger lilies for mom to say “I love you”
  • Going all over the world but realizing that the best place is right here, at home, right back where I come from.

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