Things I Like About Me

Today’s Challenge is to think about things that I like about me; to stop trying to get approval from everyone else and let ME just accept ME for who I am.

I’ve been away from writing on this blog for quite awhile now. For various reasons that I won’t bore you with. I was moved by today’s challenge, and thought it was time for another post giving myself permission to list some of the things I like (maybe even love) about me. I wrote another post way back during my Happiness Project last year. A lot has happened since then!

It was hard to do that post that time! This time, my mind is in a little better place. It’s still weird talking about myself. It is an exercise that I think we all should do; that we should encourage our children to do. It’s amazing how kids can find faults in themselves at such a young age…

10 Things I Like About Me:

  1. My silliness – it embarrasses my children, but deep-down they are laughing 😉  It makes my husband and I giggle at the strangest times. It drives my best friend crazy but that’s why she loves me! 😉
  2. My body – how I feel strong and “in-tune” with it. The more I move, like running or especially yoga, the more I feel my vitality and strength moving through my veins
  3. My fierce love for my husband – finally, FINALLY, I let go of my fear of losing him and just love him. It’s crazy the change that has made. The freedom and fun we have together is fantastic! It’s like we’re newlyweds again (and part of the reason why I’m so tired this morning! LOL!)
  4. My passion for helping people (especially women) skip the guilt and strangle-hold of perfection. I have been there, I desperately want to help them be free long before I was
  5. Being Margaret and Edith’s grand-daughter – I am who I am, in part because of these two amazing women. Edith, my paternal grand-mother loved the outdoors and took a daily swim in the river whenever she could. I think I’m in more in tune with nature; I love trees and fresh air because of her. Margaret, my mother’s mother recently passed away and I ache from losing her. But, I also know that I am a Priestess because of her. A priestess is someone who gathers everyone together and prepares the “temple” and supports people in their “worship”. My grand-mother was all these things. She was the central point of our family and guided everyone along their path. I strive to do the same thing, each and every day.
  6. My creativity – I’m always coming up with one thing or another. Sometimes it makes me flit around like a butterfly, but I always say that butterflies make the world beautiful!
  7. My ability to be a friend – I think I’m a pretty good friend. I love being with people and supporting them and being the shoulder they can lean on
  8. I can find a song to fit with anything. I know so many and all the words. It’s a gift I over share all the time. I love lyrics and can always find the ones that fit the mood or situation. I love that about me!
  9. My ability to teach or share what I know – it’s something I’ve always done. I used to tutor my friends at school and to this day, it is something I think I am born to do.
  10. My wordiness – I know that I can go on and on, both verbally and written. But I love words. I love to read them, study them, use them, share them. We joke around back at Mom’s about how my brother and I poured over our various sets of encyclopedias! Back in the day before the Internet! 🙂
There’s my long list for today. What are some things that you like about you? I’d love to read them in the comments!
And don’t forget – here’s a song for the occasion! LOL!

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