Cevraini Lent

We had an interesting discussion around the dinner table tonight. It never ceases to amaze me what happens in my house when we take the time to talk to each other…

I was thinking about Lent all day today. I have never observed it in all my Christian life. It was always one of those things that I would say: “Next year…” 2012 has already been such a year of change. I decided that this is the year that I will observe Lent; that I will make a sacrifice to show my thankfulness for what He gave for me.

I was having a hard time deciding what would be toughest for me, so I asked my husband while we cooked dinner. I had thought I could give up alcohol for 40 days, but I often go without drinking for several weeks at a time, so I decided that would be too easy. His suggestion (dammit, he knows me too well…) was giving up refined sugar/sweets! Now that is a tough one. We talked some more and I decided. Yep, that’s what I’ll do.

This then led to the discussion around the dinner table about Lent and what it means. I told them what I wanted to do. I did not ask them to join me, I just asked them to help me remember. And then the magic happened…

My hubby decided that he would join me and add alcohol to the “mix” as well. I agreed I would do the same (besides, a drink usually involves sugar too, so that would be off limits anyways). Then my daughter offered that she would give up TV and her brother agreed that he would too! As a family, we decided that we would give up TV programs and limit movies to one per day. That part is easy for me, but it will be tricky for the kids to give up Disney and Discovery Channel. I was moved by their willingness to join in. I didn’t make them, I didn’t even ask them. I just wanted to set the example and asked for their help…they gave me way more than that! I am one proud mama!

So…we will be writing about our efforts here; feel free to share as we go along!

Day 1 – Dinner tonight was already a shock to my system! Once you start looking for the refined sugars, they are in EVERYTHING! Breakfast for dinner tonight was on the menu: Homemade waffles, sausage, over-easy eggs, hash brown potatoes and fresh fruit. Suddenly, I was faced with no ketchup, no syrup, no HP Sauce! Wow! I had a little butter and some strawberries on my waffle. Awesome! My eggs and sausage were just fine without the added sugary sauces. This may just work!

As an added benefit (and an interesting experiment…) I will document my weight as I do this. I exercise fairly regularly and my weight has stayed pretty much the same for the past two years. It doesn’t change even when I’m working out harder training for an event because I do not diet or change my eating habits. I eat a mostly healthy diet with regular meals from all food groups. I do, however, have a bit of a sweet tooth and eat some sugary snacks sometimes as well as all the little hidden places like ketchup! Having a lack of refined sugar for the next 40 days is likely going to affect my weight. It will be interesting to see what side benefit this simple change will have.

Day 1 – Weight: 176 lbs (I’m between 174-176 all the time) I’ll weigh myself every Wednesday until Easter and post it here. I will continue with my regular workouts (I will be running more often again because I have a 10K race in the fall – but, as I mentioned, over the past two years, my weight has not changed with my training)

This is a great song for inspiration: Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) – Kelly Clarkson http://vevo.ly/tBbVpg

2 thoughts on “Cevraini Lent

  1. Good for you Shawna. Amber has been off of refined sugar (and milk) for two years now. If you need any recipes or hints of what products have no sugar, give us a call or e-mail me. She has lots of great recipes.

    1. Thanks Marianne! That would help, thanks! I would love to get some ideas. I was surprised at supper time just how much sugar is in things! Slowly learning this stuff!

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