Lent Day 2

So far, so good!

The kids were off school today and the TV remained off! This evening, they did pop in a movie, but they aren’t even watching it, their Dad is! LOL! They were playing on the computer a bit, but they’ve been playing Lego and doing crafts, so that’s a good thing. They were calling us this morning asking about refined sugar in some of their foods that they normally eat – because they are intent are being refined sugar-free! So cool!


Breakfast: homemade oatmeal with honey, flax seed, coconut oil, raspberries & cinnamon

a.m. Snack: the kids had a piece of light rye bread with natural peanut butter

Lunch: “Catelli Healthy Choice” linguine with a little melted cheddar cheese & fresh tomato, light rye bread with ham & cheddar

p.m. Snack: raw, fresh pineapple

Supper: Caesar salad (no sugar dressing! yay!) and chicken broccoli casserole – left over chicken, a head of broccoli, steamed rice, cream of mushroom soup and a little cheddar cheese baked in the oven (very easy, literally thrown together!)

I had my usual 2 lattes this morning (I never put sugar in my latte – just espresso and 1% milk) and drank water with my other meals. I meant to drink water all day, but forgot. A habit that I need to improve on!

I stopped by Health Street on my way back to work after lunch and picked up pure Agave that was on special as well as some organic raisins. Neither of which have refined sugar. I plan on using these as sweet additions to my hot cereal in the morning – full of good for you stuff!

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