Lent Day 4

Saturday evening…things are starting to wind down for the evening. We’ve had a great day!

I actually got to sleep in until 7 this morning. We woke up to a snowy day – everything is white and gorgeous! Thankful I didn’t have to go anywhere on the roads though – they can be treacherous this time of year.

Krystal and I got the food for the Food Bank all organized and ready to go. We are so thankful for all the great people who donated last week at the Celebrate Life Summit! We’ll be finalizing the dollars raised hopefully next week so that we can take it all into the Food Bank. Thank you all again!

This afternoon, all of us played Clue and had some laughs! I got some Goddess Night videos finalized and uploaded today; check them out on the Simple Life Celebrations YouTube Channel


Breakfast: Had my two lattes again today as usual 🙂 This morning, I made a pear/raspberry smoothie with some Greek yogurt and flax seed

a.m. Snack: the last of the fresh pineapple and a Chai latte with Krystal

Lunch: I made everyone some grilled ham & cheese on rye sandwiches – we had a nice lunch with the Worths!

Supper: Tonight, we made some fresh guacamole to go along with our homemade chicken quesadillas! I also added some salsa of course!

I’m noticing how much we eat cheese in this house! No wonder I have to get some every week! Strong bones at the Cevraini’s!

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