Lent Day 5

Today – Raw Homemade Chocolate!!

I spent a lot of time doing SLC work today. Not much for movement! LOL! I did drive in to Calgary to pick up my hubby. It’s always nice to be alone together in a vehicle because we always have great talks. We “skipped” a meal today though – that happens sometimes on the weekends.

We’re still holding to our Lenten promises though, so I’m proud of us!


Breakfast: Had my two lattes again today as usual and Bruce made our yummy homemade oatmeal porridge.

a.m. Snack: I had an apple on the drive into Calgary.

Lunch: I advised the kids to have grilled chicken Caesar wraps, but Becca was the only one that did it. Lucas had chicken noodle soup. Bruce and I didn’t have anything.

p.m. Snack: Bruce and I had 1/8 of the little bit of chicken quesadilla and homemade guacamole leftover from yesterday.

Supper: We had supper really early tonight because of the missed lunch. We used up the leftover steak from the other night and made fajitas. Apparently we were going for Mexican food this week! I did have an evening snack of the little bit of leftover porridge I’d saved from this morning.

We were very good at using up leftovers this week! Yay US! Bruce and I got the groceries for the week – mostly veggies! I was amazed how we pretty much skipped most of the store because of all the prepared stuff and the refined sugar…

Oh! I almost forgot about what we had for dessert! I went to the Art of Raw Chocolate from Health Street a few weeks ago and learned about all the benefits (and recipes) of making your own chocolates out of raw chocolate. As you can see, it looks very yummy and tastes even better. There is NO refined sugar (we sweetened ours with a little agave nectar). I had a couple pieces for dessert. All good stuff in there! Yay!!


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