Lent Day 6

Finally got back to the gym today! I missed my daily workouts! Back to busting my butt! ūüôā Kept up with the food program and the kids are right along as well. TV is still off, Lucas tried to watch a movie, but got bored & moved on to his Lego and Becca is still crazy about YouTube videos. Everyone pitched in and did some house tidying too!


Breakfast: Bruce made me a cheese&onion omelette! I only had one latte and one cup of black coffee. The kids had toast with the “real” peanut butter.

a.m. Snack: I had a protein “cookie” that my girlfriend made – no sugar, just protein powder mainly. It was good. Have to get the recipe!

Lunch: Bruce had hard boiled some eggs today, so I had one of those and another protein energy bar that my friend Drew of True Form fitness created. I ate after my workout (well, late because I had a meeting – not the best, you should eat like 20 minutes after your workout…) as well as a banana.

p.m. Snack: My sweetie brought me a few whole grain thin cracker wafers – I had a couple of them. He got them from Costco. They have a lot of good grains in them, are really tasty and no sugar. They do have some preservatives, so it was a compromise. Had two of those with a piece of cheese.

Supper: Lucas & Bruce had beef tacos and Becca and I finished up the grilled chicken with some lettuce, hot sauce and salsa. Still on the Mexican food theme…lol! too funny. We have never done that! I guess we’ve just been in the mood. Tomorrow, we’re switching to fish!

I’ve been really great at drinking more water than I was all day long.

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