Lent Day 7

Interesting day at work today! Lots of questions and people wanting to learn more about the web tools that are “out there”! I love my job on those kinds of days! I just love helping people!


Breakfast: The kids had berry protein smoothies and I had a piece of whole wheat toast with natural peanut butter. My friend reminded me that even whole wheat store bought bread has a little refined sugar in it. Darnit!! Well, guess I’d better take that off the list! LOL!

a.m. Snack: Missed this because I was teaching this morning.

Lunch: I had an hard-boiled egg and some Greek yogurt with frozen raspberries! Yummy!

Supper: Baked Basa (fish), quinoa and mixed veggies.

And for fun…sharing and testing a link for my friend Melanie in Continuing Ed!

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