Lent Day 8

Today was another teaching day – I do enjoy teaching courses! There was also a special treat today – my friend Barb (wife to my co-worker Jeff, who is my “birthday buddy”) made me a birthday cake for a belated birthday coffee party at work. What made this so special is the time the two of them took to research and make something that fit with my “no refined sugar” plan. It was so “sweet” 🙂 and tasted so YUMMY!


Breakfast: We all had berry protein smoothies made by my darling husband!

a.m. Snack: Missed this because I was teaching this morning.

Lunch: I had left over quinoa mixed with mixed veggies and an hard-boiled egg.

p.m. Snack: as I mentioned, we all got to enjoy this amazing honey almond cake with real whipped cream and sprinkled with toasted almonds. It was also gluten free so that Jeff could enjoy it as well!  http://www.eatingwell.com/recipes/flourless_honey_almond_cake.html

Supper: my husband made shepard’s pie & gravy. I did have a piece of whole grain bread with it as well that may have had a little sugar in it, I’m not sure. (that darn bread!) – the kids & Bruce got to have the last of the cake – they loved it too!

Thank you Barb for the delicious treat! 🙂

Oh! and this is “Weigh-in” Day to see if this is changing my weight. I was 176 lbs at the beginning of this trial. I am normally 174-176 lbs. Today…..I am 172 lbs! Wahoo! That’s pretty cool!

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