Lent Day 9

I’ve been falling asleep early this week for some reason – must be trying to go into Hibernation or something! LOL! As such, I didn’t get this written last night!

Thursday was a great day – I was honored to be chosen to participate in the Rick Hansen Relay! It was truly inspirational and touching to be able to be a Medal Bearer and  to be part of this special 25th Anniversary. I am so blessed! My family got to participate with me, which was a real treat!

All the excitement and timing of the event really affected my eating habits this day. I didn’t plan properly, so ended up going without food from breakfast to after work! NOT a good thing for the metabolism! I refused to succumb to having to eat junk food to tide me over to dinner time. I just went without. My planning for daytime eating does need to improve, especially for those busy days that I’ve had this week.

The kids have been doing really great – the cable remains off and they are following the food regime very well. Their one vice is that they don’t like the natural peanut butter, so they have been having the regular peanut butter which does have refined sugar in it. But, when you consider how well they are doing and the amount of sugar – they have made huge changes in their lives by following this plan. I am very proud of them.


Breakfast: I had quinoa with natural raisins (no sugar) a little agave nectar and some flax seed. It was a good thing I had this because it ended up having to carry me through the day!

a.m. Snack: missed this!

Lunch: missed this too!

p.m. Snack: As soon as I got home from work, I had a couple slices of cheese and some ham on some whole wheat crackers to help me make it to dinner.

Supper: We decided to have some chicken strips and curly fries – the ones we have are as healthy as we can get for these kinds of things. I did have salad and only had a little bit of the chicken and fries – leaving most of them for the kids. We didn’t cook as much of these as we used to – we are more aware of portions with this Lent experiment. We were sure to keep even the kids’ meals to a decent portion size (which they complained about – but they had plenty. It was just one of their favorites, so they wanted to “pig out”. We explained the reasons. They ended up having some healthy fruit later in the evening for a snack 😛 )

Dessert: I made a special treat for the evening – Chocolate coconut pudding. This was homemade and extremely healthy (and no refined sugar!!!) Basically, it was a young coconut with a little raw cocoa, some agave nectar and a splash of vanilla. We learned to make it at the Celebrate Life Summit Nutrition Day from Judy. Here’s the video on how to do it: http://youtu.be/UI3XXY4m0IY It is actually very good for you! The kids didn’t like it, so the one coconut made just enough for Bruce and I to share! 🙂


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