Lent Day 10

It’s Friday! (and another Friday Coffee Party at work…… 🙂 I was a good girl though!)

Tonight, we have a organizing consult, and then I’m just hanging out at home. We have a big date night planned for tomorrow, so I’m thinking of coloring my hair…myself…I’ve never done that before….could be scary!


Breakfast: Bruce decided to make a big breakfast for everyone this morning: sausage, scrambled egg and a piece of toast! It was a lot of food for me and the kids!

a.m. Snack: Coffee party at work: I had a homemade crab puff, a handful of grapes and a piece of cheese. I didn’t want to be rude and ask if there was refined sugar in the puff – there likely was, but probably not very much. I only had one as well.

Lunch: leftover small serving of shepard’s pie and gravy

p.m. Snack: a banana

Supper: I was home late from work so had to have something quick: ham and cheese wrap – trying to keep the bread to a minimum as well.

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