Lent Day 15 and 16

LOL! I can’t seem to get on the computer in the evening to write these posts! I write here early on Day 17 (haven’t eaten yet, but I did do yoga this morning! Yay me!)

Wednesday (Day 15) and Thursday (Day 16) were great days too. Wednesday was “Weigh In Day” – I was 176 lbs on Day 1, 172 lbs on Day 8 and remain at 172 lbs on Day 15! I am pleased with that! Obviously, the healthier eating is contributing to that!

Wednesday (Day 15) Menu:

Breakfast: a sausage, egg over hard and 1 piece of rye toast

a.m. Snack: banana

Lunch: left over veggie chili!

p.m. Snack: the last of my raw chocolate that I shared with some friends!

Supper: Chicken Quesadilla – again, I know, but we love them and the tortillas we have don’t have any refined sugar. I also made more guacamole and Bruce made fresh salsa as well. Packed full of nutrition!

The kids have been eating rye bread with ham or gypsy salami in their lunches as well as fruit. They had been missing cereal when we first started, but they haven’t said anything about it this week. I won’t get into how much refined sugar is in “nutritious” boxed cereals…and the preservatives….and they are the nutritious ones! WOW!

Thursday (Day 16) Menu:

Breakfast: 1 slice rye toast with natural peanut butter. Rye toast actually has 1 gram of sugar in 2 slices, so I think we’re pretty good using that. Raw peanut butter does take some getting used too…

a.m. Snack: I drank the last of the coconut water (I’m starting to like it, especially out of the coconut like that) for my pre-workout snack. I did a tough workout at lunch time.

Lunch: quinoa salad (basically i took some quinoa that I had left in the freezer and added left over peppers, purple onion and mushrooms from the quesadillas the night before – not fancy, but yummy! I didn’t use any dressing, it was great by itself!)

p.m. Snack: banana

Supper: I made spaghetti and meat sauce. The pasta was the “Healthy Harvest” kind which isn’t perfect, but is a better choice. The sauce may have had a little sugar in it, but from what I could tell, not much)


Today, I will be sure to post at the end of the day!

This time last year...no thoughts of snow....

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