Lent Weekend!

A whirlwind weekend! Friday was Day 17 of Lent and here we are on Sunday, Day 19! I was only on the computer to play Zuma’s Revenge with my little buddy this weekend. As of Friday, I had our best friends’ kids over for the weekend. It was a big weekend for our friends. Hubby surprised my BFF with an amazing get away for the weekend that he had planned weeks ago! I wanted to make sure that the kids didn’t miss Mom too much, so we kept busy all weekend with a variety of activities; plus we had to keep their new puppy from getting too lonesome too.

I won’t write down all the food we ate. We still stayed pretty close to our no refined sugar diet – it was good for the other kids too! We did sneak away (me and the 4 kids) and have an A&W burger treat. I skipped the milkshake, but I did eat the onion rings! LOL! And tonight, I was too exhausted to come up with anything good for me, so we opted for frozen McCain’s pizza (I know, preservatives and likely sugar – I didn’t even look. I know it’s better than some of the other ones, but still…)

I did make homemade pancakes: replacing the white flour with bran flour and replacing the sugar with an equal amount of agave nectar. The kids made them disappear! They had a little bit of syrup and jam on theirs. I skipped the pancakes and had a veggie omelette. All in all, we stayed pretty close to our plan. Lucas was at a birthday party and commented tonight how he didn’t feel too great because of all that sugar. We are learning to let it go!

TV stayed off, we didn’t watch too many movies even, we were too busy. We did play the computer game, but that was something that me and the little guy could do while the girls were being crafty. He wasn’t too interested in that.

The sun shone all weekend, and it was a fun weekend – mostly just play. That’s a good thing, no matter what else happens. 🙂

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