Lent Day 20

Today, Bruce cancelled cable. We’d been talking about letting it go before the Lent experiment. Everyone has done so well without it that we just decided to do it. My oldest son didn’t have cable for much of his growing up years and he really didn’t miss out on anything. We love watching movies and play lots on the computer. Now, there’s even Netflix if we really want to watch something. Plus, most shows can be obtained on the internet these days. If we even bother. There isn’t a lot on TV that we like to watch!

It was a busy day – lots of computer issues at work – not a very good batting average for our group this year. I’m a little stumped on how to turn this around…oh well, it’s not really for me to decide anyway. I need to stop worrying…sigh….the day started with me running late and then spilling most of my latte all over the floor by the front door…

Anyway, I am thankful for many things today:

  1. My hubby brought me the first latte for when I got out of the shower. Coffee…That always makes me smile
  2. I got to the gym and worked hard with some of my good friends. Working Out…That always makes me smile
  3. I was able to fix a few computer issues, little things, but important to someone. Being Helpful…That always makes me smile
  4. The snow was melting and I thought of spring today. Spring…That always makes me smile
  5. I stopped in and picked up my daughter’s “new” second hand jeans that I got her to say thank you for helping me this weekend. It made her smile. Giving…that always makes me smile
  6. Talking with Kristen and meeting someone new and interesting in her store. She’s such a great new friend. New Friends…That always makes me smile
  7. Sitting with my gang snuggled together watching a movie after our busy weekend in different directions. Reconnecting…That always makes me smile
  8. Seeing my older son put his arm around and comfort his little brother when he felt sad. Brotherly Love…That always makes me smile
  9. Telling the tale of my BFF’s awesome weekend that her hubby created for her. True Love…That always makes me smile
  10. Breathing in, breathing out. Being Alive…That always makes me smile
This song came to me this morning:


Breakfast: 1 rye bread toast with some butter

a.m. snack: some almonds & a banana

Lunch: Hummus and bran crackers and a little cheddar

p.m. snack: Greek yogurt & blueberries

Supper: Caesar salad and guacamole and triscuits


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