Lent Day 27

Friday – Lent Day 24 – the usual. Friday coffee party at work had pretty much nothing I could eat, so I skipped it. I did treat the kids (who had AMAZING report cards) to A&W burgers.

Saturday – Lent Day 25 – Lucas had a birthday party where he had some chips. He said that he hadn’t been very interested in the sweet stuff. I did have a bunch of snacks at ReFind’s 2nd Birthday/Ladies Night. The snacks were two variations of hummus with some veggies and whole grain crackers. I had a couple of the homemade chocolate coconut balls that were there – I’m sure there was no refined sugar in those because Kristin doesn’t eat that stuff either. I did splurge and have a Shamrock cookie from the Cocoa Tree bakery. I’m sure that there was a little bit of sugar there. Not much in one cookie, I’m hoping. Man, I sure wanted to go out and have a drink with everyone afterwards. I decided to just go home instead so that I wouldn’t be tempted! I had already been weak and had the cookie!

Sunday – Lent Day 26 – We all stayed home and stayed out of trouble! LOL! (Well, B had to work, but just daytime). I made the bran flour pancakes again. Everyone (even me) had a tiny bit of syrup on the three pancakes we had. I then made a yummy homemade stew for dinner!

Today, Monday – Lent Day 27

I’ve recently learned that I’ve been counting the days incorrectly. I’ve been counting Sundays. You’re not supposed to count Sundays. It doesn’t matter. We’re still sticking to our plans of no refined sugar, no cable and no alcohol. The cable is disconnected. We’ve been working pretty hard on keeping off the refined sugar. Bruce and I have not had a drink other than the ones we had on Date Night a while ago. I can’t say the same for the kids…LOL! Just kidding!

We (my fellow running buddies) ran 4K at the gym track today in 32 minutes! I felt really good afterwards. I worked out 4 times last week, so getting back into full swing has helped tremendously. Today, Krystal and I have started our Simple Spring Cleanse Challenge! I’m really excited about it. It’s more than Spring cleaning, it’s letting go of all kinds of clutter. Follow along (and join in the challenge!!) here: Simple Spring Cleanse It’s going to feel so good letting go of so much clutter and keeping up our Minimalist Challenge!

Today’s Menu:

Breakfast: my hubby made me a breakfast sandwich (egg, bacon, cheese) on one of those whole wheat thin bagel things.

a.m. snack: a banana

Lunch: left over stew (I didn’t bring much for food today – poor planning…)

p.m. snack: missed this

Supper: tortellini with homemade alfredo sauce with mushrooms. no sugar there, but a lot of fat though! 🙂 I just had one helping, so I’m very ok with that!

I saw this picture on FB today and printed it out so that I look at it every day. It’s a simple prayer with so much power:

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