Lent Day 28

The sun was shining today, and the wind felt a little cool…spring is trying so hard to push through and arrive!

The girls and I had a great work out today: Nike Training Club app on my phone. 2 kick-butt mostly lower body 15 minute circuit style work outs. Let’s just say those damn burpees were involved so it wasn’t easy, OK!!??

I planned better for eating today:

Today’s Menu:

Breakfast: I made a melon/banana smoothie with hemp hearts, flax seed, greek yogurt, magnesium and that Uno’s oil stuff (or whatever it’s called…LOL!).

a.m. snack: greek yogurt and saskatoon berries (which are drying out in the freezer…Note to self: Use these in smoothies ASAP!)

Lunch: I made a BLT on very dark rye bread: a ton of lettuce, 1 piece of bacon, 4 slices of tomato and one slice of cheese

p.m. snack: the rest of the tomato!

Supper: Bruce made flax coated cod (which I still don’t like, but eat anyway because fish is good for me…) quinoa and mixed veggies.

I then spoiled myself by making that homemade coconut chocolate pudding from raw young coconut, cocoa & a little agave. I also drank all the coconut water. Opening the coconut and scraping all the coconut out burned more calories than I consumed in my opinion! I didn’t have the handsome hubby to help, so it was tricky!!

Here’s a photo of the pudding (I saved a little for Bruce when he’s home from work later):

It’s pudding you guys…!! Seriously! 🙂

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