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Tap That MTG Show

We had a lot to say last week on our Tap That MTG video and podcast. There are two videos: one to help you learn about how to use Planeswalkers – since there are so many in the new set. The other is our top 10 reasons why more girls should play Magic! Check the videos out here (and subscribe!)

10 Reasons:

How To:

This week’s show is How To Pre-release – we are sharing what you’ll get at a Pre-release and how to build your Limited deck. Subscribe so that you can get notified when it goes up on Wednesday!

The podcast is here:

Why More Girls Should Play MTG!
How Do Planeswalkers work?

Magic News

The Bad Guy (IMHO)

Spoilers continue to be the hottest topic in Magic The Gathering news (well, for me anyway).

Yesterday, I wandered around my house, exclaiming to my family that the new Nicol Bolas card made me depressed about Magic The Gathering, mostly because he just seems so unbeatable.

How are we, the protectors of the planes, the Ajanis, the Nissas, the Jaces…how are we supposed to save everyone from such a terrible foe??? I moaned and carried on for a while like that…

Then…I saw The Elderspell… my hope was restored! Let’s get that guy!! (Yes, he might get us with that card too…LOL!)

Hope is Restored!

What cards are you excited about in the new set? Which ones scare you?

Magic Card of the Week

Together, we can get him!

Do you ‘pledge allegiance’ to any particular ‘guild’ in Magic The Gathering? I am pretty much loyal to Selesnya most days, but I like to play other colors as well.

I always end up going back to something with green in it – Simic is another favorite of mine. What’s your Guild Allegiance?

It looks like the new set is going to continue (even more so) with this idea of Guilds. It is on Ravnica afterall!

My Magic card of the Week was previewed a few days ago by Lee Shi Tian called Pledge of Unity. This will be absolutely fantastic in my GW-Emmara’s March deck that I shared with you in my first MTG blog post:

As an uncommon card, it will likely be amazing in a limited deck also! Is this a card you would play?

MTG Arena Madness

Singleton play is in Magic The Gathering Arena this week. This is similar to commander, but without the commander and you only have the 60 cards of a standard deck.

Basically, you only have one copy of each card, except for basic lands. To enter, you need 250 coins or 50 gems. Prizing is coins and cards, nothing too fancy, but this is a great way to try an Arena event without much of an investment.

I like to play this event; I don’t usually get farther than the middle of the prize pool, but it’s great to play some fun deck ideas. This weekend, I jumped in with a Vampire Life Thirst deck (named after Nightmare’s Thirst and all the life gain cards in it). See the decklist at the end of this post.

What decks do you build for Singleton? Do you like this format?

MTG Cool Tools

The simple life pad. Too many times, my life counter dice has been bumped when I draw a card. Sometimes, I forget what my life total was.

I try to use a written life pad instead whenever I can. Plus, it’s the rule for competitive Magic, so it’s a good thing to get used to when playing in regular play or even at Friday Night Magic.

This doesn’t have to be fancy – it can just be a slip of paper or notepad. I like the little paper notepads that Lesley at Pandora’s Boox and Tea made – it fits perfectly into a deckbox!

You can also get the simple electronic ones like the digital life pads at Pandora’s:

What do you use to keep track of your life total when playing?

Tournament Rules if you’re interested:

Vampire Life Singleton Deck List

1 Bishop’s Soldier (XLN) 6
11 Plains (RIX) 192
1 Famished Paladin (RIX) 8
1 Martyr of Dusk (RIX) 14
1 Forerunner of the Legion (RIX) 9
1 Paladin of Atonement (RIX) 16
1 Vampire Neonate (M19) 124
11 Swamp (RIX) 194
1 Child of Night (M19) 89
1 Skymarch Bloodletter (XLN) 124
1 Sanctum Seeker (XLN) 120
1 Twilight Prophet (RIX) 88
1 Champion of Dusk (RIX) 64
1 Legion Lieutenant (RIX) 163
1 Call to the Feast (XLN) 219
1 Ajani’s Welcome (M19) 6
1 Leonin Vanguard (M19) 22
1 Moment of Triumph (RIX) 15
1 Dead Weight (GRN) 67
1 Necrotic Wound (GRN) 79
1 Murder (M19) 110
1 Radiant Destiny (RIX) 18
1 Healer’s Hawk (GRN) 14
1 Hunted Witness (GRN) 15
1 Ajani’s Pridemate (M19) 5
1 Daybreak Chaplain (M19) 10
1 Inspiring Cleric (XLN) 16
1 Vampire Sovereign (M19) 125
1 Queen’s Commission (XLN) 29
1 Squire’s Devotion (RIX) 25
1 Elenda, the Dusk Rose (RIX) 157
1 Nightmare’s Thirst (M19) 111
1 Cast Down (DAR) 81
1 Legion’s Landing (XLN) 22
1 Skymarcher Aspirant (RIX) 21
1 Hired Poisoner (GRN) 72
1 Vicious Conquistador (XLN) 128
1 Vicious Rumors (GRN) 89
1 Vindictive Vampire (RNA) 90
1 The Haunt of Hightower (RNA) 273

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