Finale of Glory

Tap That MTG Show

In this week’s show, we do a Limited Rewind and talk about what we saw at the prerelease this weekend. What cards surprised us, what cards kicked butt and what cards let us down. How did your prerelease go?

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How Do Planeswalkers work?

Magic News

Besides the prerelease weekend, there was some big news coming from Mythic Invitational II in London. This being that one of the professional players was caught cheating. Yuuya Watanabe was disqualified when markings were found on his card sleeves.

As of Tuesday, he denies these allegations and explains what happened. You can find more details here:

This has many people in the community on his side and many who don’t believe him. Regardless, it is never a good thing for someone in his standing to be accused of something like this.

In any sport, there are always these kinds of issues. There is some really big money on the line here and a lot of expectations and pressures put on these players. This doesn’t excuse the fact that cheating is not cool, but it does make me have some compassion towards them. If he did do it, I am sorry that he felt so much pressure that he had to stoop to something so risky and unsportsmanlike. Hopefully, he did not and this will be a lesson learned, regardless of the outcome.

Do you have an opinion on this issue? Do you feel that this is more common than we know about?

Magic Card of the Week

On to Glory!

Well, one of my favorite cards for the set came in one of my packs – The Finale of Glory did indeed bring me glory … well, almost! I had my best tournament yet at Sunday’s prerelease. I got up to fifth place this time with a 3-1-0 finish.

This was the ONLY mythic card I had in my deck as all my others were disappointing for limited play with the exception of Rhonas (whoot!) but I just could not get much green happening for my deck.

Instead, I focused on strong removal and evasion commons and uncommons. Thankfully, it worked pretty well!

How did you do at your prerelease? Are you going to Draft this weekend?

MTG Arena Madness

The season ended on MTGA this week. I ended up being at Platinum Level 4 which was pretty cool. I fell down a lot last week – from Level 2 – sadly.

My Selesnya team was tired. Coming up though, I am tweaking it with some lovely new cards from War of the Spark.

I have been working on a few games this week and Ajani and Pledge of Unity have certainly boosted the spirits of Emmara and her friends. Stay tuned for more grinding news next week! We’ll see if I can get back up there! I’ll post a deck list when I get it worked out a bit better.

image from:

Did you get some good new War of the Spark cards in your MTGA packs?  

MTG Cool Tools

Draft Weekend is coming up and I always pore through Luis Scott Vargas articles on what he thinks are the best cards for draft/limited play. He rates each card and tells us why. Check out the posts here:

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