Shawna Cevraini is an aspiring writer. You’ll find her writing these days over on her website www.simplelifecelebrations.com along with her best friend Krystal Worth. Together, they are the Simple Life Gals and help people “Ditch the Clutter…AND the Guilt!”.

The Simple Life Gals are so excited about the newly created Divine Goddess Circle (www.divinegoddesscircle.com). It’s a community for working women who are seeking support and actions to become the Goddess they truly are. Visit the site to learn more! The work world will never be the same!

Shawna is a lifelong learner who is passionate about creating and living a healthier, happier life! She feels blessed to live in Olds with her 3 gorgeous kids and one handsome hubby. Shawna was born and raised on a farm west of Didsbury and she loves to return to her roots as often as she can. She has worked in IT (computers) for most of her adult life and is passionate about sharing her ideas on using IT tools to be  more productive and organized.

Shawna partners with her best friend Krystal Worth in Simple Life Celebrations where they teach people to ditch the clutter and the guilt; to simplify their lives. The two of them created the first ever Celebrate Life Summit here in Olds that was a week-long series of events to support people in learning about fitness, nutrition, simple living and celebrating life! She truly believes that a happy, healthy lifestyle is not only possible, but is the number one thing that we all need to live long and prosperous lives.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Shawna,
    Heard about your blog and wanted to have a look. Amazing! Loved it! Put’s everything into perspective and especially liked the part about taking Grandma to church, think I’ll take a trip to Olds next weekend and take Grandma there as well. You are a great mom, wife, sister, daughter and neice.
    Love you….
    Auntie Bev

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