So much Tech to play with…

… little time!

There is so much technology that our department is supposed to know, yet when do we have the time to learn it? This is a constant struggle in IT.

Currently, I’ve just started blogging and being connected to work peers on and I’m nowhere near figuring it out!

Today, I’m testing submitting a blog entry from my PDA. (my hand me down Treo – a sad story for another day!) I’m also testing whether I can attach a picture (lovely downtown Saskatoon in March 09!)

Keep tuning in – if this works, I can post more often!



Hello world! It’s the Cevraini’s!

Well, here we are! Our first wordpress blog! Cool!

As I was looking into setting this up this morning, my mind was full of all kinds of things that I wanted to talk about! I was so excited that I could set this up and let the kids and hubby put some stuff on here too.

I would like it to be a collaboration from all of our thoughts, ideas, things we’ve learned and just stuff we’d like to get off our chests!

Those of you that know me well, know that I like to mess around on the computer a lot and like to do this kind of stuff! We’re all looking for new things to learn all the time in this house!

Keep coming back and checking us out!