Time for Me – Fairmont Day 5

Yesterday was day 5 in Fairmont. The day started with the sun shining, so that was exciting!

Bruce rushed down to the rec centre to try to get Lucas into the elusive archery activity! Finally! success!

So the two of them did that while Rebecca enjoyed the quiet without her brother bugging her! I spent the time cleaning up our ‘home’ (which wasn’t much because we’ve been keeping it tidy).

Then, I had time to myself on the deck! I began to write! I was so excited! I got to work on something that I’ve been needing reclusive time for! I loved it! I wanted more!

After lunch, we headed up to the water park to enjoy the sun. It was refreshing swimming in an outdoor pool again like we did when we were kids!

Our evening plans were to pig out on the local pizza and watch movies – yes, I know, we can do that at home. But it’s something we love to do as a family, so we did it!

In between things, I did spend time writing and reading on my iPhone. Lucas and Rebecca commented about that. I decided that I needed to explain right now about what I’m trying to do.

So, we sat and had a family meeting. I explained about why I wanted to work on my business stuff. I told them how much I wanted to be working from home instead of leaving them everyday.

I talked about why I love to write and to create things and help people. I reminded them about all the stuff that I’d been doing with them and that sometimes I wanted to do my own thing too.

Most of all, I reminded them how much I love them and that if I’m not paying enough attention to them that they could tell me. That I might need their help sometimes because I know that I make mistakes.

They were ok after that. I realized that I should have had that conversation with them a long time ago. Sorry guys!

I’m up first this morning, reading and writing again. Hope to go for a hike today.


A Winner in Fairmont Day 4

Writing on a real keyboard at the moment! I may be getting “iPhone thumb” LOL!

The clouds were grey again this morning, but we didn’t let it damper our spirits any! We’ve been getting up relatively early, and this morning was no different. We’ve been trying to get signed up for Archery (which is what Lucas wants to do most, but it is always full!) We’ll try again in the morning – we did talk to one of the directors and he mentioned that he would do another session if we still don’t have any luck tomorrow. We’ll get down there bright and early at 8 a.m.!

Bruce and I planned on doing boot camp this morning while the kids played “fuze ball” (sp?) and pool at the Rec Centre. Bruce was surprised at what a tough workout that is! That’s what I’ve been trying to tell him! We know how to workout!

After that, Rebecca had a Bath Basket class that she enjoyed immensely! The boys hung out and buzzed that little helicopter all over the place! We had another big lunch at “home” (I’m eating A LOT! here, but holiday calories don’t count, right!?) All of us headed back to the Rec Centre for Bingo! Rebecca promptly won the first two games!! She was pretty excited!

We popped up to the grocery store for some necessities and visited our new favorite artisan shop. Rebecca is fascinated by the owner/creator’s work on porcelain and glass. We’re going to give it a try ourselves back at home. Then, we had to stop in and get our new favorite dessert (yes, before supper!) – gelato (and an iced capp for me – not Timmies, the good stuff instead!)

There was a Sangria party back at the Rec Centre for an “appetizer bevy” just before supper. We managed to sneak in a chocolate chip cookie too! Told you I was eating a lot! After all that, we still managed to eat another big supper at home and are just hanging out, letting the day “digest”.

We’ll likely play the new game “Pick Two” again tonight since everyone had so much fun with it yesterday and then we’ll get to bed and head off for a hike in the morning! We’re hoping to get more sun tomorrow so that we can hit the pool!

Overall, the day was really a “Winner” in memories for everyone. That’s the important thing, right?

Sick Kid, Pouty Mama!

Why do kids think they have to wake you up to tell you they are going to puke? Like you won’t hear it?!! LOL!!

The poor little man had been coughing half the night & I was fretting about it because we were far from home and cough medicine. All I had was Tylenol. His little voice croaked “I want to go home!” as he wretched over the toilet.

Thankfully, he felt better after he’d been sick and just wanted to go back to sleep. We slept a little longer until Rebecca woke everyone up again. It was another rainy looking day, so Bruce suggested we go into Invermere for the day! I did not want to go shopping, I wanted to enjoy DOING something and I didn’t think that shopping was it! 😦

I was in a pout then, from lack of sleep, feeling helpless because I had a sick kid far from the comforts of home and because I hadn’t done anything that I wanted to do yet.

Everyone else wanted to go, and I realized that I was making the kids feel bad by being upset. I got a big hug from all of them, I apologized and we headed out.

With a better attitude (I mean, if Lucas could try to have fun while feeling like crap, I certainly could stop being a baby! Sheesh!)

The rain poured as we drove but the mountains were beautiful in the mist! The rain let up as we explored the shops.

We found an awesome local bakery & bought some amazing bread for dinner. There were gift and artisan shops (my kids love checking out homemade crafts and art work much to my pleasure since it’s one of my favorite things to do!) We picked up a new word game to try and a cool RC helicopter in a toy store called “A Monkey’s Uncle”!

They let me browse a creepy old book cellar, another of my favorite things! Then off we went to discover a fossil and precious stones shop. The kind where they welcome kids and have lots of cool rocks for collections and geodes to ooh and aahh over! Not to mention shark tooth fossils!

Lucas started to run out of steam, so we headed back home after picking up a couple groceries. The sky opened up again as we drove – perfect timing!

Lucas had a nap and then we all tried out & loved our new word game. Everyone pitched in as we created a big steak dinner!

Another quiet night curling up with a movie and our books. The shopping trip that I was dreading turned out pretty darn cool and we spent some really good quality time together. I’m pretty red-faced for thinking the worst. Just goes to show that attitude is everything.

Letting Go of Fear – Fairmont Day Two

They had no idea…I couldn’t let them see it. I wanted them to see me fearless. I wanted to do it for me. For all those times when I felt my heart pound and my breath quicken. Times when the panic stopped me in my tracks.

And so it was that I found myself at the top of the high diving board, leaping toward my fears…

…It was sprinkling rain this morning when Rebecca woke us up with an exclamation that there were deer, 3 bucks no less, feeding on the trees in the misty morning dew of a Fairmont day. We slept all night with the door to the deck open and stood there in our PJs taking some pictures. We all actually slept. First time that I think I’ve been able to sleep away from home. We just did.

Bruce went for a big run in the mountain air while the kids & I went down to the Rec centre and signed up for tomorrow’s activities. We played a couple games of pool and picked a family movie for tonight!

Back at home, I made a big lunch and Lucas pitched in and helped with dishes (Rebecca did them with me at breakfast) then we headed off to the hot springs.

We’d tried to explain the concept to the kids but they didn’t get it until we got into the warm pool. Then, we couldn’t get them out of it! The rain sprinkled down and we barely noticed it 🙂

This is where I’d ended up being at the top of that diving board. Rebecca wanted someone to do it with her, so I decided that now was the time to overcome my fear of heights! Crazy, I know! The panic threatened me as I climbed that ladder – I hate ladders. But she was there watching and besides, a while ago, I’d decided that these fears had to stop. They were holding me back. No more.

I climbed that stinking ladder and walked out to the edge. Fear gripped my heart. I could not…yes, yes I could. What was the worst that could happen? I’d fall. So? I am a good swimmer. I’ll be ok.

What would happen if I didn’t do it? Much worse. My fears would have control of me yet again. My daughter would be alone as she attempted a milestone of her life. I would have to go back down that fricking ladder again!

Nope. I held my breath and jumped! The plunge into the water enveloped me in a firm grip. Water that I’m comfortable in. I grew up navigating it, learning to relax in it. I’d leapt and I was safe. I’d overcome. My heart soared as I realized that I didn’t miss out because of fear.

The line from Babs on the movie Chicken Run that just came up as I write these words: “My life flashed before me eyes…it was really boring”…funny how the Universe works!

That won’t be me. I want so much to be the example to my children so that they won’t say, “…it was really boring…” when their time is up. I want them to remember to grab life with both hands and not let those fears control them. Don’t let those fears hold them back. That’s why I jumped today…so that I can say, “Yep, I was scared but I did it anyway.” and they will understand and live that way too.

What fear can you overcome today?

I even found myself taking pictures from the balcony-where my fear of heights would normally stop me from being so close to the edge…

Fairmont – Day One

Today we headed out for our family vacation! It was a hazy day as we headed to the mountains and our much needed break!

Our car was not as loaded down as it normally would have been because we decided to pack minimally this time – one small bag each kid & one large bag for the two of us. Plus, we took one cooler & one large grocery bag of groceries for the week. Just a trunk full. The kids actually had room in the back instead of being buried under stuff!

Anyway, four and a half hours later, we arrived at Fairmont. I was thankful of the minimalist packing because it didn’t take long at all to unpack either! Awesome!

We all crowded around the table and highlighted the resort’s activities that we’re each interested in! We then headed out for a walk up the hill in search of supper and milk & eggs.

After some Greek food, we found a coffee shop with gelato for dessert. Plus, lattes for us sometime this week! Wahoo! We met a local artist that has a really fun store that features her work & others. We’ll be heading back there later in the week!

Back “home”, Rebecca & I tried out the huge soaker tub! Now we’re curled up in PJ’s hanging out. We’ve had a long drive and are glad to be here! More tomorrow!

Give Me Strength

Another one of those days…

I don’t have much to say about it. A lot of big disappointments yet again at work.

Must keep going. My job does not define me.

Thankfully, I have an awesome family and great friends that help me through these times where I question what I am doing there.

Once again, the universe sent a message too. The very first blog I’ve looked at all day, and it is full of wonderful pictures of a place I dream of going to.

Glorious. Absolutely amazing

Funny that my daughter has the same name and a friend is from Scotland….coincidence? Nope.

That’s what I will remember today. I am there to facilitate the dreams I have of going somewhere like in these beautiful pictures.

Headache is now subsiding thanks to these things.

Seafood on Two Coasts!

Who would have believed that this Alberta Beef girl would have had seafood on both the Pacific & Atlantic coasts in less than two weeks! Especially one that doesn’t like seafood!

I was eating fish and chips in Nanaimo last week, and last night, I had fish and chips in Boston in an authentic pub that was built in the late 1700’s – the Green Dragon (I think)!

I also tried king crab, scallops and jack salmon in BC last week!

I must say though, I still don’t like it much! I like to eat real English fish and chips, like I had last night!

Guess I’m still an Alberta Beef girl after all, no matter which coast I’m on! But…the Sam Adams beer is pretty darn good! It’s made right here in Boston!