Lent Day 33 and 34

Sunday was a nice day at home. Day 33 – we were experimenting with vegetables in our juicer! Bruce was working, but was able to come home for lunch.

Sunday Menu:

Breakfast: smoothie and homemade oatmeal (I put the last bit of my cranberry sauce experiment in mine! It was delicious!)

a.m. snack: didn’t have one – I drank a pot of ginger tea which was nice

Lunch: The kids and I had turkey sandwiches on the last of the whole grain buns. We added lots of veggies to our sandwich and a slice of cheese.

p.m. snack: snacking on veggies!

Supper: we juiced various veggies – carrots, celery, etc (I don’t know what Bruce was putting all in there! A lot anyway!) We also had fruit juice as well. Lucas had an orange one and Rebecca an apple-lemon one. I made a black bean veggie salad with a lime vinagrette. Doesn’t it look colorful!?

Back to work and school on Monday for Day 34 – did a 4K run at lunch time.

Monday Menu:

Breakfast: Bruce made poached eggs, bacon and slice of toast for everyone

a.m. snack: Greek yogurt, blackberries and hemp seeds

Lunch: I had the last of the yummy bean salad

p.m. snack: banana

Supper: grilled chicken caesar that Bruce made


Lent Day 31 and 32

I’m sipping homemade ginger tea this morning…so yummy! and thinking about the past couple days…

Friday (Day 31) was the usual Friday coffee party issue…However, it was my departments turn, so I brought fresh veggies and dip that I’d made. The big change that occurred on Friday was the Hungry for Change movie…my husband and kids watched it during the day and I watched it in the evening. To say it changed our thinking is an understatement…It inspired us to change our eating habits for good, not just Lent…I write more about how I spent my Saturday morning on our Simple Spring Cleanse blog: Letting Go of Poor Eating Habits

Friday Menu:

Breakfast: smoothie

a.m. snack: veggies and dip I’d made

Lunch: crackers and the last of the guacamole

p.m. snack: canteloupe

Supper: BLT sandwich on one of those triangle whole grain buns

Dessert: a refined sugar free cookie that one of our friends made to share at movie night

Saturday (Day 32) We were happily surprised with a visit yesterday afternoon from my parents. We talked a lot about food actually, which was cool. We were so lucky growing up to have fresh food from the garden, milk straight from the cow, eggs from our chickens and pork and beef that we’d raised ourselves. I will strive to give my kids as close to this as I can.

My parents eat very traditional foods; but they are learning to branch out and enjoy others. For dinner yesterday I shared our quinoa salad recipe with them. I’m pretty sure my Dad had three helpings of it… 🙂 and Mom had a couple as well. The kids were excited to share this very cool and very good for you food with their grand-parents. It was a really great visit. I’m also only drinking 1 latte per day these past few days…

Saturday Menu:

Breakfast: smoothie

a.m. snack: missed this

Lunch: we juiced some of our yummy fruit

p.m. snack: snacking on veggies!

Supper: turkey breast, spinach strawberry salad with homemade raspberry vinaigrette and Greek quinoa salad with feta and lemon balsamic dressing that we’d made

Dessert: coconut chocolate pudding that I was showing mom how I make and I did sneak in have a hot cross bun that mom had brought! 😛

I made some lime zest water and drank a lot of that yesterday too! Stay tuned for the post for today: Day 33!

Our yummy, colorful grocery shopping trip – this was what we brought home:

Lent Day 30

Today, we had a little brush of snow to remind us that it’s not quite spring! Lol!

I had a terrible foot cramp this morning but stretches and some herbal remedies from a friend helped. I didn’t run today, just did some legs, butt and arms resistance work.

Today’s Menu

Breakfast: melon banana smoothie with goodies in it that I’ve been having.

a.m. Snack: Greek yogurt and raspberries

Lunch: Triscuit crackers and homemade guacamole as well as the last of my coconut raw chocolate “pudding”

p.m. Snack: cantaloupe

supper: sausage and a little more crackers & guacamole – I really wasn’t very hungry at the time.

The kids are off school tomorrow. They’re thankful! Lol!

Lent Day 29

A busy day today that started late because I slept in. But…I was compelled to be grateful and wrote this post this morning: Life is Beautiful

It’s another Weigh-In Wednesday!

Day 1 – 176 lbs

Day 8 – 172 lbs

Day 15 – 172 lbs

Day 22 – 168 lbs

Day 29 – 167 lbs

Progress continues! I had my cycle over this past week as well, so I was sure that I would go up because of that. Great news that it didn’t! I did weigh myself on Friday last week (I’m getting too curious about this!) and I was 166!! We’ll try to wait until next Wednesday before I check again! LOL!

I had a fantastic run today with my friends. Stacey & I went 4K and tried to do the last 600m a lot faster than our normal pace. (Our normal pace is 8 minutes per K) We got to 6min30sec per K at the end of our run. It felt great! I wouldn’t have been able to go much past that at that point, but it was good to push it a little!

I’m heading up to do yoga again tonight – it’s really helping with my tight muscles…

Today’s Menu:

Breakfast: one of those yummy berry smoothies with all the good hemp hearts and stuff in it!

a.m. snack: Greek yogurt & raspberries

Lunch: the last of the left over stew

p.m. snack: 2 slices of cantaloupe

Supper: the kids and I had parent – teacher interviews. We then went to the grocery store (hungry, not the best plan…) and Becca and I got Co-op chicken wings and Lucas got KD. So we had a quick supper. I found that I could not eat it all anyway. LOL! I had the buffalo wings, so I’m sure that there wasn’t much sugar in that. Anyway, not one of my better suppers. We’ll do better tomorrow – I got lots of yummy and good for us groceries with them too!

Life is Beautiful

It is the first day of Spring 2012, here in Olds, Alberta.

I rushed along, stuck behind someone who thought the speed limit through town is 20KPH, late and no parking spot and so many things demanding my time. I felt the cold on my hands where my forgotten gloves should have been. My body aches from yesterday’s tough workout and my sluggish brain complains of the lack of caffeine that my sleeping in resulted in from only one latte today…

There are many things to grumble about, there are many changes to be afraid of, there are many things that don’t go the way I’d planned. And yet…I have it all:

1. My beautiful family who give me reason to press on

2. A warm bed and loving husband in a house in a quiet neighbourhood where my family is safe

3. Parents who allowed me to spread my wings and fly wherever my heart takes me

4. Friends who love me the way I am, who are always there when I fall

5. A job that lets me do what I do best: help people, every day

6. My body that is strong and able to feel the cold and the sore muscles because I am alive and well

7. Dreams that may seem crazy to some but I believe in them anyway

8. A hope and faith that there are so many more special moments and days ahead of me
I read an email early today that said: “Spread love everywhere you go: First of all in your own house … kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile, kindness.” ~ Mother Teresa and then I saw this video:

All of these thoughts came flowing out of my heart and I had to write. I had to share. Regardless of the consequences. I just had to share in whatever way I can.

Life IS beautiful…We have it all

Lent Day 28

The sun was shining today, and the wind felt a little cool…spring is trying so hard to push through and arrive!

The girls and I had a great work out today: Nike Training Club app on my phone. 2 kick-butt mostly lower body 15 minute circuit style work outs. Let’s just say those damn burpees were involved so it wasn’t easy, OK!!??

I planned better for eating today:

Today’s Menu:

Breakfast: I made a melon/banana smoothie with hemp hearts, flax seed, greek yogurt, magnesium and that Uno’s oil stuff (or whatever it’s called…LOL!).

a.m. snack: greek yogurt and saskatoon berries (which are drying out in the freezer…Note to self: Use these in smoothies ASAP!)

Lunch: I made a BLT on very dark rye bread: a ton of lettuce, 1 piece of bacon, 4 slices of tomato and one slice of cheese

p.m. snack: the rest of the tomato!

Supper: Bruce made flax coated cod (which I still don’t like, but eat anyway because fish is good for me…) quinoa and mixed veggies.

I then spoiled myself by making that homemade coconut chocolate pudding from raw young coconut, cocoa & a little agave. I also drank all the coconut water. Opening the coconut and scraping all the coconut out burned more calories than I consumed in my opinion! I didn’t have the handsome hubby to help, so it was tricky!!

Here’s a photo of the pudding (I saved a little for Bruce when he’s home from work later):

It’s pudding you guys…!! Seriously! 🙂

Lent Day 27

Friday – Lent Day 24 – the usual. Friday coffee party at work had pretty much nothing I could eat, so I skipped it. I did treat the kids (who had AMAZING report cards) to A&W burgers.

Saturday – Lent Day 25 – Lucas had a birthday party where he had some chips. He said that he hadn’t been very interested in the sweet stuff. I did have a bunch of snacks at ReFind’s 2nd Birthday/Ladies Night. The snacks were two variations of hummus with some veggies and whole grain crackers. I had a couple of the homemade chocolate coconut balls that were there – I’m sure there was no refined sugar in those because Kristin doesn’t eat that stuff either. I did splurge and have a Shamrock cookie from the Cocoa Tree bakery. I’m sure that there was a little bit of sugar there. Not much in one cookie, I’m hoping. Man, I sure wanted to go out and have a drink with everyone afterwards. I decided to just go home instead so that I wouldn’t be tempted! I had already been weak and had the cookie!

Sunday – Lent Day 26 – We all stayed home and stayed out of trouble! LOL! (Well, B had to work, but just daytime). I made the bran flour pancakes again. Everyone (even me) had a tiny bit of syrup on the three pancakes we had. I then made a yummy homemade stew for dinner!

Today, Monday – Lent Day 27

I’ve recently learned that I’ve been counting the days incorrectly. I’ve been counting Sundays. You’re not supposed to count Sundays. It doesn’t matter. We’re still sticking to our plans of no refined sugar, no cable and no alcohol. The cable is disconnected. We’ve been working pretty hard on keeping off the refined sugar. Bruce and I have not had a drink other than the ones we had on Date Night a while ago. I can’t say the same for the kids…LOL! Just kidding!

We (my fellow running buddies) ran 4K at the gym track today in 32 minutes! I felt really good afterwards. I worked out 4 times last week, so getting back into full swing has helped tremendously. Today, Krystal and I have started our Simple Spring Cleanse Challenge! I’m really excited about it. It’s more than Spring cleaning, it’s letting go of all kinds of clutter. Follow along (and join in the challenge!!) here: Simple Spring Cleanse It’s going to feel so good letting go of so much clutter and keeping up our Minimalist Challenge!

Today’s Menu:

Breakfast: my hubby made me a breakfast sandwich (egg, bacon, cheese) on one of those whole wheat thin bagel things.

a.m. snack: a banana

Lunch: left over stew (I didn’t bring much for food today – poor planning…)

p.m. snack: missed this

Supper: tortellini with homemade alfredo sauce with mushrooms. no sugar there, but a lot of fat though! 🙂 I just had one helping, so I’m very ok with that!

I saw this picture on FB today and printed it out so that I look at it every day. It’s a simple prayer with so much power: