Shawna’s Favorite Distractions

I am constantly coming across new web stuff to check out. These are some I subscribe to:

  1. My newest project – the Happiness Project
    Happiness Project

  1. –  how to live a minimalist life – I’m still working on that!
  2. – good habits to get into
  3. – good family habits to get into
  4. – fellow blogger at Olds College tells an awesome story!
  5. – great info from a guy I look up to in the blogging world, Everett Bogue

Those are just a few! Check out more on my Blogroll on the right side of this blog.

I’ve recently signed up for the Ride to Conquer Cancer – a 200 km bike ride and fundraising event to fight this terrible disease! My page:

Shawna’s Ride Page

I’ve signed up for an account on LinkedIn – find me there!

I am officially google-addicted! I love everything that google offers!

Check out our (My best friend, Krystal and I) new business website (powered by Google!) at Simple Life Celebrations

I am completely absorbed in keeping up with all these online tools! It’s crazy! I should have a laptop surgically attached to my lap! Ok….maybe!!not!

I love the ability to get any song pretty much. Some official videos, some not so much. Anyone that knows me knows that I really love music! Youtube is awesome! (and very distracting!)

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