Dance with Me

I have posted this song before: Dance with Me – but I just listened to it again in the context of this week where everyone (including me) seems to be talking about connecting more with the ones you love. Away from the hustle and bustle, away from the screen. Just connecting in real life.

My husband called me this morning after we’d both left for work. He called me just to say how much he appreciates me and how much he loves me. No reason, we hadn’t been fighting or anything, he just wanted to say it. We have been talking about this connection “issue”, and realizing how much we miss each other. It was very sweet, and made my Friday.

I zipped home for a bit because our dryer needs fixing and someone had to let the appliance guy in. I decided I’d better do some dishes while I was waiting (yes, I’d neglected to shine my sink before I left for work today!) I was listening to some music and this Dance With Me song came on and inspired this post.

I had to watch the video:

This song is about connecting. Really connecting. What would the world be like if for a moment, we just locked the door, turned some music on, poured a glass of wine, and just let the world disappear while we truly spent time with the one(s) we love? All the annoyances and troubles of the world disappear when two people just hold each other, and be there in that moment.

And this isn’t just for my married friends – I cry when I watch the mom in this video with her little girl – together, in the middle of a park with all the people around. Just together. Like no one is around. Not caring. Just being a mom and her precious angel – no words, just love, just there, in that moment.

Tonight – take Johnny’s advice: close your eyes, hold on tight, take it slow, don’t let go. What you have is all you need. Right here, right now.