Earth Hour 2010

We “celebrated” Earth Hour last night. At 8:30, my husband went downstairs and shut off the main breaker to the house.

We had prepared for the moment:

  • The flashlight was dug out of the camping gear (Note to Self: have flashlight more accessible in case of blackout!)
  • We had candles all over – mostly little tealights (Another Note to Self: Need candles for emergency lighting!)
  • Coffee and Bailey’s was prepared – mmmmmm  🙂
  • Hot chocolate was prepared
  • Backyard fire pit was burning and natural gas heater was on
  • Dug out book of stories and my reading light
  • Coats and shoes were on so we could sit outside comfortably

We were all very excited. The kids understood what we were doing this for. I had told them about what other countries were doing all over the world. Lucas suggested we make this a tradition every year; or even every month! He wished that his big brother wasn’t “missing out on all the fun”. Rebecca wants to start a campaign in town so that more people know about it for next year. She was concerned that not many around us had their lights out.

I think they were excited because it meant that we were spending some quality time together. Rebecca was so excited that she’d told her friends about it, so we ended up having a couple extra kids around. I would have liked to have just the four of us, but I couldn’t blame her for her enthusiasm!

I read Alberta Ghost Stories for awhile. The girls chatted excitedly about the scariness or lack of scariness of each story. Lucas was quiet, not surprisingly (thus my desire for having just the four of us!) as he listened too. It was a beautiful spring evening, and with the heater and the fire, none of us got cold.

The kids kept running into the house for various reasons. I think it was just because they thought it was so cool having no light except candle light! Just the excitement of doing something different on a Saturday night!

Our friends stopped by on their way home to enjoy the fire for a couple minutes. I always love how chatty kids get when it’s late and you’re all sitting around the fire! Krystal’s youngest talked my ear off; it was great! Again, they loved the fact that they were getting undivided attention. No TV, no computer, not even any lights!

The hour was long passed by the time Bruce went in and turned everything on again. We washed the dishes and smiled at each other, knowing that we’d done a good thing for the Earth and for our family.

…Then we had to listen to three, excited girls NOT go to sleep! Sigh……. 🙂

Check out Earth Hour here: