The Rabbit Hole

An hour and a half ago, I sat down to do some of my professional development reading that I am determined to do every Monday morning. They want us to be “tech experts”, well, we need time to keep up on the latest. That’s my plan.

Once again, the reason why I don’t plan – I can never follow a plan! I constantly end up in “a rabbit hole” a.k.a.: “a portal to a strange and different world” – that’s me!

This was the rabbit hole that I fell into for an hour and a half:

I use Google Reader (love it) to keep all my RSS feeds in one place on the web and to quickly browse through and see things I want to read further. A great way to keep my professional development reading in one place.

I came across an article from lifehacker that tweeked my interest: Export all your Google Docs to a Zip File

This was interesting because I’ve been “worrying” about putting my all important documents up there on the web, and assuming that someone else would be backing it up. This calmed those fears. Plus, this also allows for users to very easily export documents in whatever format they want to use. Thus, allowing you to share documents with even more people!

This then lead to a quick email to my boss and a fellow Google Doc’s colleague, quoting the article and exclaiming that this was another reason to move to Google docs!

I also thought that this was interesting enough to post to colleagues on Twitter. So, I “tweeted” the article. This then automatically updated all my Facebook friends too!

I use Twitter to follow several people that I met at the Campus Technology Conference in Boston. This is because often they post articles about online learning. I want to keep up on what they have to say about it.

When I went in to “tweet” my Google docs finding, I took a quick look through these posts too!

One mentioned an article about the history of social networking. I read it and then had to re-tweet it!

While this went on, there was an email from another colleague suddenly coming in and saying that he wanted to go to Microsoft Live for similar reasons. Then came another email from the original colleague about the battle between Microsoft and Google.

This got me to thinking about all of my online services like Twitter and Google Reader and this blog and my role in supporting users in finding and using these. I then started searching for tools that allow a person to manage his or her online presence. How does one keep track of all this “stuff”? How does one figure out what the best tools are? How do I advise people on what to use?

Basically, what I’ve been doing is trying to use all the tools myself so that I can give educated advice!

Needless to say…….

A ton of websites and a couple in-person discussions with my trusted co-workers here brought me to one conclusion:

How in the heck did I get so distracted and meander my way down this rabbit hole only to find that there is no one-stop solution!!

Guess I’ll continue my crazy running around all over the ‘net, where everything seems to be multiplying like rabbits!

Hello world! It’s the Cevraini’s!

Well, here we are! Our first wordpress blog! Cool!

As I was looking into setting this up this morning, my mind was full of all kinds of things that I wanted to talk about! I was so excited that I could set this up and let the kids and hubby put some stuff on here too.

I would like it to be a collaboration from all of our thoughts, ideas, things we’ve learned and just stuff we’d like to get off our chests!

Those of you that know me well, know that I like to mess around on the computer a lot and like to do this kind of stuff! We’re all looking for new things to learn all the time in this house!

Keep coming back and checking us out!