You’re a Perishable Item

“You’re a perishable item. Live accordingly.”

Ashley from The Middle Finger Project posted this on FB today, and it really resonated with me….actually, it was weird all the emails and posts I saw/read this morning that we’re about living life. Well, I guess not really that weird since that’s what I subscribe to…still…. 🙂

This morning, I woke up with my sweetie at 5:00 a.m. so that we could sign up for the Melissa’s Road Race. A 10K run in the mountains that I love. It will not be an easy run. I barely run 10 K on a straight road. It is a goal and I will train hard. The bonus is running with some of my girlfriends and running with my hubby (well, he’ll be far ahead, but he’ll still share the experience with me!)

If you would have tried to tell me that I would be running a mountain 10K this fall a few years back, I would have laughed in your face. I have never been a runner. I am a mediocre athlete at best. But…I am an athlete now. I may not be a winning athlete, but that’s not why I do it.

I do it to feel my heart pound and the wind in my face. I ride my bike to feel the freedom of the road. I lift weights to see my body change in shape. I do crazy Nike workouts because I am able to move. I do all of these things because I am alive. Because I am alive and well. And that makes me very blessed and very thankful.

I have come to believe that it is my God-given right and privilege to experience life. As Ashley put it today…I am perishable, so I’d better get off my ass and freaking LIVE like I am. I’ve wasted waaaayyyy too many days moaning and groaning. I likely will again…but something (or someone) will kick my ass and I will be up and moving again.

For today, I am living, I am listening to my heart, I am alive!

The song that keeps playing in my head while I write this…


Go!-als 2011!

I’ve enjoyed my little online “hiatus” over the past couple weeks! I’ve been quietly enjoying my family, friends and free-time!

Here it is, New Year’s Eve (well, it will be tonight!), so I thought I should reflect on my past year and ponder the next. I actually have been doing a lot of that in the past couple weeks; as I’m sure most of you have.

My post from December 30, 2009 was called Rock 2010 and I certainly believe I did that! Some highlights:

  • I have certainly been the happiest I’ve ever been, thanks in part to The Happiness Project book!
  • Started Simple Life Celebrations business with my best friend and we’re loving it! It hasn’t been easy and we’ve learned A LOT!!
  • I rode 200+ km in 2 days for the Ride to Conquer Cancer with my dear friend Lori – it was an unforgettable, life-changing experience
  • Our family has enjoyed several adventures together – a spontaneous trip to Montana, day-trips in our neighborhood, Fairmont vacation – quality time together
  • I’ve lost a few pounds by continuing and evolving my workouts – including being able to actually RUN 5 km! Something I’ve never done before!
  • The 7 Days of Sex Challenge and Fit Marriage workouts changed our marriage for the better!
  • I have met some AMAZING people online and consider myself to have trusted friends all over North America, even though I have never met most of them face to face. I still feel “connected” to them via this new online world
  • I’ve explored many different topics on my blog and reading  others

There have been difficult times too, but they are hard to even remember, which is interesting…

  • My marriage has had some rough patches earlier in the year, but working through them has made US stronger than we’ve ever been
  • I still struggle with letting my oldest just find his own path…I’ve spent many sleepless nights worrying and wondering
  • I’ve spent too much time online (especially with my iPhone now) – it’s a constant effort to be sure I get in face to face time

There was a time, not too long ago, when I would spend days, even weeks dwelling on the negatives. I have been hurtful and unaccepting of myself. Even to the point of being “mean” to myself!  This is the biggest change I’ve seen in the past year. I count my blessings much more than I used to. I try harder to live in the moment. I try less to impress others. Most of all, I try very hard to be ME and even actually LOVE me!

Allison Nazarian’s letter to her 2009 self yesterday speaks to my heart. It feels like she wrote that letter to me. Read it and take it to heart…

My Goals for 2011GO! is the motto I’ve chosen for the year!

  1. GO: dare to be ME – take chances, make a difference, don’t care what others think!
  2. GO: share Simple Life Celebrations with the world! We have ideas for expanding and moving forward with our business. More focus and more SIMPLE LIFE CELEBRATIONS! 🙂
  3. GO: start writing the two books that I’ve got rattling around in my head l- I shall put them to paper (or computer screen – you know me! 😉 )
  4. GO: create space and time in my home – the minimalist process that I’ve started this year will continue to grow!
  5. GO: create some happier spaces at work – I really need to work on doing my job better in the ways that I can control and worry less about what I can’t – that has been the toughest part of my life’s journey. I am there, I need to make it better
  6. GO: exercise and eat healthier and continue to be in the best shape of my life!

I’ve been trying to come up with a song for the New Year…I think it has to be Firework by Katy Perry


2011 will be the year I will SHINE and show the world what I’m worth! JOIN ME!

“Let your colors BURST!”

Fast Cars and Freedom

Heart pounding in my chest, wanting to break free

Lungs breathing fire into the crisp, Fall air

Wind howling past my ears, whispering timeless wisdom

Legs burning, pushing faster and faster up the hill

Mist on my eyelashes, rainbows in the sunlight

Fingers still numb from the cold, frantically typing these words

Thoughts whirling through my mind, aching to find a place to land

WHY do I choose this?….

Because My Heart is strong, it has never been stronger, yet I am older

Because My Lungs are pink and healthy and both still there, whole and able

Because My Ears can hear the wind, my children’s laughter, my lover’s whispers

Because My Legs can move me, wherever I desire, up and down, on and on without stopping

Because My Eyes can see beauty all around me, a friend’s smile, a flower’s bloom

Because My Fingers can feel a tear rolling down a soft cheek, shake a stranger’s hand

Because My Mind is full, anxious to share: thoughts, dreams, feelings and can form the words

Because…Because….I CAN.

This morning’s inspiration in music:

Have a beautiful day!

10 Things I Love About…ME!

Sounds extremely selfish and boastful, doesn’t it? It’s a pretty hard thing to do. I can do this with ease for those I care about, but, for ME??? Kinda weird.

I just read a post on Uplift Antidote about this idea.

My Happiness Project focus for January has been Fitness.

My focus for February? LOVE! All kinds of love. Husband, Kids, Family, Friends, and…weird as it is, ME.

This is a good idea for a post to end January and start February. Fitness is about focusing on me and my health (and, to my GREAT happiness…all of you that are following along and doing this too! I am so excited!) So, why don’t I start the love focus on loving myself?

This is something that the FlyLady talks about ALL the time. The word “FLY” for her actually stands for Finally Loving Yourself. And she is right. She talks often about how we beat ourselves up and listen to those inner voices that says “I can’t” or “I’m not good enough” or “I don’t deserve peace or happiness”. We are so mean to ourselves!

I have done this SOOOO much. I still catch myself looking in the mirror and frowning at that wrinkle or that not so flat belly. I still hear myself say, “I am so boring” or “Who would ever love a person like me?”

So many of us do this. We need to love ourselves.

So, I’m going to start with trying to come up with this “strange-feeling” list of 10 things I love about me. Bear with me, here goes:

  1. I love helping people, often it is the only thing that gets me through the day
  2. I love with all my heart. This has led to a broken heart a time or two, but if I love someone, I hold on very tightly with all my heart
  3. I have beautiful deep brown eyes
  4. I am a fun mom, weird sometimes, but fun!
  5. I am creative
  6. I know all the words to a million songs 😉
  7. I am really great at learning new things
  8. I am dependable. Scattered and forgetful sometimes, but usually, you can depend on me to get it done eventually!
  9. I am smart with computers (my little guy had to help me with that one. This is REALLY hard!)
  10. I am learning to be a better person. I push closer to this each day

OMG! That was extremely tough! Usually, my fingers can hardly keep up to my thoughts when I’m typing these posts! WOW!

My challenge to you – give this a try. Try to think about what makes you great! There are a lot of us that have a hard time doing this. But, I think it’s worth it to find a way to love Y.O.U.!

Share your list in the comments if you’d like!

Don’t Give Up

Hey everyone!

Are you still psyched up for your January quest to be more healthy? How is your dedication to fitness coming?

It’s January 19th today!

I just read a post from Jonathan Roche – he is reminding everyone to keep taking those “baby steps” toward your goal of a healthier lifestyle – take small steps each day. If you have an off day, get back on and try again the next.

He makes a great point – you can’t run a marathon by sprinting at the beginning! You’ll never make it to the end! Take it slow and steady and you will finish!

I can’t tell you how excited I am to see so many of my friends and family posting notes on their Facebook status about active choices they are making! It just keeps me going to know all of you are out there, trying hard too! It is so awesome to encourage each other to get back in the game and push ourselves to be healthier, to have fun and to get out there and enjoy life!

Way to go everyone! Keep it up! You are making the right choice to be healthier! And to take it one step at a time, and get back up again when you fall! I am so proud of all of you!

Here’s yet another song to encourage you on those tough days when you don’t know if you can go one more mile on that treadmill, do one more pushup, one more lap in the pool, or one more rep with those weights. YES YOU CAN!


Stand – Rascal Flatts

A Confession About Sleep

…and lack thereof.

My confession? Last evening, I lost my temper and patience with my dearest daughter and slapped her. Not a hard slap; a jolt with my fingertips on her cheek. Not enough to hurt her, just shock and upset her and hurt me.

Let me tell you the story that led to this very weak moment…

Friday night, I was tired. Really tired. Physically, Mentally and emotionally.

I had an extremely busy work week – insanely busy even. I’d worked out HARD everyday (starting two new exercise classes), kids were back in their activities and lots of homework, I had another new adventure to think about that came up this week and I’d been trying to cram in and catch up on reading/writing I had to get done.

I knew I was tired. I knew it, and I ignored it. I did not listen to my body.

We had plans to go out to a friend’s place, have a bevy and play a board game. Something we try to do regularly. Krystal was also starting her exercise group after supper and I wanted to support her in that.

I went to her exercise class. My body complained about it pretty much every step of the way. That was Sign #1. I ignored my body and pushed through.

We then went out to the friend’s place. We had fun, but stayed later than we planned, I was yawning constantly – Sign #2. All of us were taking our kids to see the Olympic Torch run through town early the next morning. Thankfully, I only drank 1 drink.

The next morning came and we were in a rush to get everyone downtown to see the Torch – not something I was willing to have my kids miss. I found myself yelling at my very tired daughter – they had been up late too waiting for us to pick them up from the babysitters. She wanted to go, was tired and hungry, and was overwhelmed by the prospect of finding something to wear. I yelled several times at her before we finally got out the door – Sign #3.

We walked down to see the relay and my 10 year old daughter had more maturity than her lunatic mother – she apologized to me for being uncooperative. She apologized to ME – the person that was yelling at HER. I didn’t see the irony in that until today; that was Sign #4.

We then had plans to do our monthly group “cooking” day. This is a new thing we three families are doing – getting together to compile 6 to 8 freezer meals for the family. A great idea that will save us money, time, and frustration when we don’t know what to have for supper. Ready-made (and homemade, healthy) meals in the freezer. Anyway, we had planned to do this yesterday. The first time we did it, the kids weren’t around. This time, ALL the kids were around.

You can guess how many times we were interrupted. How many times we had them underfoot. How we had to squeeze in getting some lunch for them, etc. It was fun and very worth it; but I could feel my impatience and frustration and even resentment that we had to deal with the kids while we were trying to accomplish this task! You can imagine how much stuff is everywhere when you’re trying to compile a recipe for 6 meals at once! I knew I was on the breaking point. Again, I ignored it – Sign #5.

Then, when we were done, we were babysitting some of the kids back at our house. The girls wanted to bake in the Easy-Bake oven. They made a mistake and asked for my help. I helped, but I noticed my lack of patience as a heaved several big sighs at the mess and trying to repair their mistakes. I was clearly annoyed. Again, the 10 year old daughter apologized over and over and I just got more annoyed. Sign #6.

Afterward, I decided to go downstairs and try to watch a movie with my husband while the kids played. We must have been called upstairs at least 5 times by the kids. Each time, I would sigh or curse under my breath and go grumpy up the stairs to attend to whatever the need was. Sign #7.

Finally, it was supper time. My husband had made supper, clearly in fear of me being grumpy, so he offered to make it. I knew he was tippy-toeing around me. I could tell. Again, I ignored it. Sign #8.

I allowed the kids to eat in the living room simply because I didn’t want to deal with the fight. I took their food out there, found myself barking at them to eat at the coffee table, not all over the place. My poor daughter was the last one in there because she and her brother had been play-wrestling (that I had yelled about a few minutes prior – Sign #9) and she was the last to get over to the table.

She didn’t get the “spot” she wanted. She whined. I completely SNAPPED. I grabbed her food and yelled at her that she would then have to sit in the kitchen by herself. She whined some more. Then she yelled back at me as I yelled at her. My husband stood there and watched the scene, saying nothing. It was then that I slapped her and she stormed off to her room and slammed her door.

I yelled at my husband about kids and their back talk and fighting amongst themselves etc. etc. He just listened, didn’t say anything. Suddenly, I just listened to myself. I found myself seeing all of those signs from the day. I knew that I had screwed up, especially with my daughter. I decided to correct it right then and there.

I went to her door and knocked. She didn’t say anything, but I went in anyway and immediately apologized to her. I apologized for the slap and the yelling. Most of all, I admitted that I had lost my temper and my patience and I apologized for that. I apologized for the mistakes I’d made all day. And I hugged her. A LOT. I explained that I was tired and that it was my own fault that I was tired and apologized for taking it out on her.

Now, some may disagree with me for apologizing to my daughter. Some say you shouldn’t let them see your weaknesses. I disagree. I think my kids need to know that it’s ok to make mistakes; that the important thing is to learn from them and try to fix it right away. I wanted my daughter to know that I knew that I had messed up and that I wanted to fix it. I wanted her to know that my behavior was inappropriate.

This all stemmed from the fact that I was so very tired. I did not listen to my body. I did not get the rest I needed after that week. I knew that I had a busy Saturday planned, and yet, I did not get to bed at a decent time. I ignored the signs that I was too tired to deal with things properly.

Part of fitness is listening to your body and getting the rest you need. I had even read a Happiness Project post this very week about the importance of sleep, yet I did not do that for myself, on Friday in particular.

That is my confession. The terrible mistake I made all because I didn’t get enough sleep.

I will learn from this though. I will try harder next time. I will try to listen to my body when it says, “Hey you! I’m tired! Time to get some rest!”

Last night, I went to bed at around 8:30. I could barely read a page (I always read at bedtime) before my lids were getting heavy. I listened. I turned off the light and got up at 6:30 today, refreshed, and ready to go again! And today will be a day of rest.

Friday Fun and Fitness

Have Some Fun

I just read an awesome post at Cranky Fitness:

What to Do When Nothing Else Effing Works: A Short Guide to Silliness

Click on the link and read Jo’s post! The point is to not be afraid to just be plain silly! You will get more out of your fitness if you are having fun! And find opportunities for silly fitness like Jo’s example of washing the floor while imitating Mick Jagger!

Right now, I am having a BLAST with Box Fit class. And Spin is actually fun too!

I have raced around the house putting stuff away. It’s fun, the kids think I’m weird, but it gets my heart rate up PLUS cleans up! I have sprinted down the hall at work! Crazy, I know! But fun! and faster!

Try it! It’s Friday! Be silly today! Your heart will get pumping and will be full of happiness! At the very least, everyone else will have fun laughing at you!