Lent Weekend!

A whirlwind weekend! Friday was Day 17 of Lent and here we are on Sunday, Day 19! I was only on the computer to play Zuma’s Revenge with my little buddy this weekend. As of Friday, I had our best friends’ kids over for the weekend. It was a big weekend for our friends. Hubby surprised my BFF with an amazing get away for the weekend that he had planned weeks ago! I wanted to make sure that the kids didn’t miss Mom too much, so we kept busy all weekend with a variety of activities; plus we had to keep their new puppy from getting too lonesome too.

I won’t write down all the food we ate. We still stayed pretty close to our no refined sugar diet – it was good for the other kids too! We did sneak away (me and the 4 kids) and have an A&W burger treat. I skipped the milkshake, but I did eat the onion rings! LOL! And tonight, I was too exhausted to come up with anything good for me, so we opted for frozen McCain’s pizza (I know, preservatives and likely sugar – I didn’t even look. I know it’s better than some of the other ones, but still…)

I did make homemade pancakes: replacing the white flour with bran flour and replacing the sugar with an equal amount of agave nectar. The kids made them disappear! They had a little bit of syrup and jam on theirs. I skipped the pancakes and had a veggie omelette. All in all, we stayed pretty close to our plan. Lucas was at a birthday party and commented tonight how he didn’t feel too great because of all that sugar. We are learning to let it go!

TV stayed off, we didn’t watch too many movies even, we were too busy. We did play the computer game, but that was something that me and the little guy could do while the girls were being crafty. He wasn’t too interested in that.

The sun shone all weekend, and it was a fun weekend – mostly just play. That’s a good thing, no matter what else happens. 🙂

I’m a Weirdo (and other things…)

I was inspired by this awesome, fun list from Mommy Pants today, so I thought I would write my own!

  1. I, too (along with Cheryl) can lift both my big toes when my feet are flat. In fact, I gross my family out by being able to spread them all out completely and walk around like that. Which I do often, just to gross them out!!!
  2. I can also pick stuff up and open doors with my feet. Very handy when my hands are full and the reason I go barefoot all the time!
  3. It totally grosses ME out to feed the dogs. The smell of their dog food makes me retch. I avoid it at all costs, including bribing my children to do it!
  4. I sing in my car and sometimes forget when the windows are down…..
  5. I love to play my kid’s Webkinz accounts – especially Smoothie Moves. If you know what that is, you are weird too!
  6. I tell my kids stories about when I was a teenager and loved 4H, especially showing my cattle where I got to wash, dry and comb their hair; including putting their tails into a nice little ball at the end….they looked better than me…(see number 9)
  7. I despise cupboard or closet doors being open! I will even close them in other people’s houses. Sorry!
  8. I really cannot tell a joke. Or a funny story. I try and try and fail abysmally every time. Again, sorry! I won’t stop trying though!
  9. Makeup and doing hair absolutely sucks. If I could get away with a ball cap every day, I would. Mom hates this about me…. 🙂
  10. Mustard and cheese slices = ultimate snack when no one is looking. Also ketchup on KD and my grilled cheese sandwiches.
  11. I refuse to touch our Bearded Dragons no matter how many times the kids try to make me. Which, conveniently, eliminates me from the possible people that have to clean their terrarium! Point for me!
  12. I say weird things like ”wicked” and ”awesome” and ”Point for me” and wonder why people know I’m from the 80s
  13. I am the only one in my huge family that over-shares! LOL!

Some days are good, some are bad, but as long as we keep laughing, loving and learning, it will all be ok.

Bring on the Rain:


The Magic

Night is falling in Florida at the Orlando International Airport. Back home, it is a quiet Sunday evening. My kids sit quietly; reading or playing video games (the 1st time in 2 weeks he’s done that!) My hubby reads on the computer. I am annoyed by the lady beside me, talking so loudly onto her cell phone; telling her kids over and over that she loves them and will see them soon. I breathe; I am ashamed at my annoyance since it’s obvious she really misses them while mine sit 2 feet away.

I scribble on a small pad of hotel paper, in between finishing the inspiring pages of “Bird by Bird“. Another family nearby is still wound up from the days of excitement in the Magic Kingdom.

Magic Kingdom.

That, it is.

Walt was on to something when he created places like this. He didn’t do it for the money, I truly believe that. He must have done it for so much more than that.

For the Dreams: The sparkle of life in the tired mom who thought she’d given up on crazy dreams. She is a little girl again. A princess. A fairy. A Pocahontas. In awe as the fireworks flash and crash. Dreaming of possibilities. Dreaming of the stars. That anything, really, REALLY is possible if you dare to dream.

For the Family: The dad that worries about not being good enough. Feeling lost and overwhelmed sometimes. Feeling like he’s let everyone down. He is alive again as he splashes and plays and explores new worlds with his children. The children who see him as the hero. Their very own Hercules. He even dares to see it too.

For the Kids: So sucked into the modern life of television, screens and Internet. Seemingly lacking in imagination and day dreams. Now, patient and ecstatic, little Energizer bunnies going mile after mile, entranced and enthralled with the world around them. Thrills and spills as they chance riding rockets to the sky. In the spirit of the moment, exploring Flick’s bug world or on Safari across Africa or soaring through the sky. Fully immersed in the day.

Walt was a visionary to see how much we would need places like this. Places to fill up again. To get in touch with ourselves. To see through a child’s eyes again – even kids don’t know how to do that anymore. We go so fast and forget to be there, in the moment. Walt’s World reminds us how quickly life will pass you by if you don’t slow down once in awhile and take it all in. Daring to dream, daring to be a hero or daring to have a little fun and get lost in the moment.

I begin again, with a renewed spirit, paying closer attention to the Colors of the Wind. Thank you Walt. Thank you my family for making this the best vacation ever!

I Rocked Monday!

WOW! I had a really productive Monday!!

I ain’t braggin’ (LOL!) I just wanted to show you how the little things add up – the key is to just try something!

My Little Things:

  1. Brisk walk in the winter morning air
  2. Had a 35 minute stationary bike interval “spin” workout back at the gym – first time since Vegas!
  3. Got a ride home with Rach (Thanks Girl) and got to visit for a few minutes! That’s always a treat!
  4. Had freezer meal ready for supper – awesome!!
  5. Had text conversation with BFF
  6. Posted some good stuff on FB
  7. Cleared a path to my closet again (long, long, story – don’t ask!)
  8. Had supper at the KITCHEN table with all three of my kids – giggled and laughed (though they took apart their casserole…veggie “issues”..sigh….)
  9. Shawn fed the dogs & took out garbages and cleaned dishes out of his room (oh! there’s those glasses!)
  10. Rebecca did homework – I looked up French words for her on my iPhone with voice search – cool!!
  11. Cleaned the cupboard under the sink – including washing the garbage cans (big deal for me!)
  12. Lucas dried some dishes willingly!
  13. Cleaned the kids’ bathroom – including the tub that hubby got some sort of black marks from washing beer equipment – got them off! sigh……
  14. Discovered Google picture search and played with that with Shawn! LOL! very cool
  15. Chatted with my mom on the phone which resulted in a call to a cousin who needed computer help! Two phone calls in one night – I never “talk” on the phone!
  16. Got kids tucked in happily without a fuss
  17. Got two loads of laundry done and put away – including her “skinny jeans” that she needs for the “SnowFlake Dance on Thursday – oh dear……….11 going on 16…
  18. Did Core Blast workout from Phase 1 of Fit Marriage just for fun! (and lets face it, I’ve been lacking in the exercise department since Vegas!)
  19. Typed up this post! 🙂

It may not be anything miraculous or earth-shattering, but…it totally made my day to look back and count those little things that I DID today. Little moments with my kids and friends and family that I may just have missed if I didn’t pause to reflect on the day. Little chores that I did with a smile because I felt like doing them and enjoyed seeing things shining instead of resenting the mountain of housework that isn’t done.

So…my challenge to you my friends:

Tonight, make a list of ways that your day “ROCKED” – there’s gotta be some things – it doesn’t matter how small or insignificant you “think” it is – did it make you smile? did it mean 1 thing off the list? did it make you think? did it make you thankful? Start a gratitude journal of those little things every day and see how much happier you slowly become.

A song for you…So Small – Carrie Underwood – one of my fav’s: