Lent Day 39 and 40

As I mentioned in an earlier post – this is the first time I’ve observed Lent and didn’t realize that there are only 40 days of Lent because you’re not supposed to count Sundays. No matter – the point is, we’re still progressing along as best we can! One more week until Easter Sunday! We’ll be heading to an Easter brunch with Bruce’s Dad. We love this tradition.

I’ve also mentioned that we’ve decided to keep off the refined sugar as much as possible. We’ve noticed such a difference in the way we feel. None of us want to go back there. We won’t be as strict, but better than we were before. We’ll continue to shop on the outside aisle of the grocery store…Bruce and I went today – it’s so much faster shopping now. We just go through the produce section (that takes the most time), then the dairy for milk and plain yogurt and cheese and then we hit the meat (we don’t buy much there even) and then we find a few lower sugar, whole grain breads. We haven’t been buying as much of that as we used to. We have no reason to go down the other aisles except when we need coffee or beans. The occasionally pasta and sauce, but rarely now.

We have cheated a little this weekend with the alcohol thing. You know how I mentioned that I was craving a glass of wine on Friday night? Well, my hubby came home with a bottle when he came home from work. We each had 1/2 the bottle! LOL! Tonight, we’re sampling a glass of his homemade wine that is pretty much ready. Soooo good! Look! It’s almost gone!


Saturday Menu

Breakfast: – simple, slow (but still early!) getting up. Rye toast with natural peanut butter

a.m. snack: – a variety of fresh fruit (cantaloupe, kiwi, etc)

Lunch: – homemade macaroni and cheese, fresh veggies (broccoli, carrots, cucumbers) and dill pickles

p.m. snack: the lunch was later and lots, so we skipped this

Supper: homemade meat loaf, mashed cheddar potatoes, peas from my mother’s garden! 🙂


Sunday Menu

Breakfast: today, I splurged in the sugar department – I made homemade 1/2 whole grain biscuits, we did have a little whole berry jam on them. The kids complain when we don’t have the sugary jams. They don’t like “chunks” in their jam. Too bad! LOL! That’s the only kind we’re having from now on.

a.m. snack: missed this today with the later breakfast

Lunch: slice of rye bread with cheddar cheese

p.m. snack: almonds

Supper: Bruce made a delicious roast prime rib with carrots and potatoes. He made fresh whole grain bread and quinoa salad to go with it. Sooooo very good!! I ate way too much! LOL! A perfect Sunday supper!

Lent Day 35 and 36

The sun came out today! My pre-noon “chinook” headache told me that the weather would rapidly change today. Sure enough, it did! Melting like crazy, shining on my face! Misty midnight, be gone! LOL!

I’m feeling great today! I feel like I’m getting things done and I’m excited about things to come! I heard yesterday that my Dad is busy working on a little project that I suggested to him about a new sewing table/desk made from the door of my old room. If anyone can pull something like that off, my Dad can! Plus, he’s retired and I think was looking for a project! LOL! Thanks Dad! You’re the BEST!

Yesterday, I worked out at the gym. Today, was rest day (one of the College coaches caught me doing lunges yesterday, so she came over to give me some pointers. She’s from Russia, a gorgeous athletic woman who knows her stuff! Let’s just say she pushed me to work a little harder than I’ve been doing! Wow! Sore legs!)

Weigh-In Wednesday today!!

Day 1 – 176 lbs

Day 8 – 172 lbs

Day 15 – 172 lbs

Day 22 – 168 lbs

Day 29 – 167 lbs

Day 36 – 166 lbs – the digital read was flitting between 165 and 166! Holy moly!!

I am thrilled with the way I’ve been feeling being without refined sugar. And now the conversations and planning that my family (especially my hubby) and I have been doing to make some real changes in the way we eat PERMANENTLY make me so proud of us! We have learned so much and are learning and living healthier lives because of it!

Gramma, you would be proud of us observing Lent and learning about each other along the way. I kinda think that’s what Lent is all about. Learning more about the sacrifice that Jesus made for us so that we can learn more about loving so much that any sacrifice is worth it. I ❤ my Family! 🙂

Tuesday Menu:

Breakfast: I had a piece of toast with natural peanut butter and fresh juiced orange juice (we love our juicer! LOL!)

a.m. snack: Greek yogurt, blackberries and hemp

Lunch: Strawberry and spinach salad with raspberry vinaigrette and some chicken breast.

p.m. snack: banana

Supper: spaghetti – whole wheat pasta


Wednesday Menu:

Breakfast: Bruce made me one of those thin bagel egg, bacon & cheese sandwiches

a.m. snack: soy milk latte that I decided to try…not bad. Kristi says “eewwww” (that was hilarious!)

Lunch: chicken breast. greek yogurt and some strawberries and hemp

p.m. snack: skipped this today – totally lost track of time!

Supper: chili made from some dry “raw” beans that Bruce picked up at Costco today – he’s finding some interesting healthy foods there lately. I’m a little concerned since I prefer to shop local. However, he is trying to help…

Cheers to healthier eating my friends! 🙂

10 Things I Love About You

Happy 12th Anniversary to my darling!

Here’s 10 Things I love about you (though the list could be MUCH longer!)

  1. How you can always make me laugh, even when I’m in the middle of a cry or a rant
  2. The way we can talk for hours about anything & everything
  3. The way we can just be together and not have to fill the silence
  4. The way you always have fun with the kids – you’re just a big kid yourself!
  5. How your big feet pull the sheets out at the end of the bed because it means that you’re in bed with me!
  6. How you’re not afraid to put an arm around me, hold my hand or kiss me – even in public
  7. The sound of your voice, especially when you say my name
  8. How you take care of things – doing laundry, cooking, cleaning, making lunches, doing laundry
  9. The way I can be when I’m around you – I can be ME – weird, silly, scared, excited, and everything in between
  10. How you can make the whole world disappear when I’m in your arms

I’m so glad to be the woman with you

You’re still the one I want forever


Watching with My Heart

I sat there reading Eat,Pray,Love today on the deck at the pool. I was in India with Elizabeth Gilbert as she learned to let go.

I thought about where my life was taking me. I thought about how I’m changing – living more in the moment than I used to. How I’ve been learning to let go too.

Have you ever spent time just watching your children? Watching them without them knowing? I find that I’m becoming addicted to this. I will stop what I’m doing and “spy” on them.

Watching them interact with each other (when they’re not fighting) is beautiful. They are close those two. I watch Rebecca observe others and I watch Lucas venture out alone where he once wouldn’t let me out of his sight. I feel tears well in my eyes as I watch them – I am just so blessed.

Then he goes out in the water with them – my husband. I peak around my book.

Their smiles light up from all the way over there. He splashes around with them and their giggles reach my very core. Under they go, but it is all part of the game.

I see him plant a big sloppy kiss on Lucas and he squeals in horror and pleasure all at the same time! I love this man, this passionate Italian, who is so easily teaching his children that it is ok for men to show love. Tears well again.

I watch them play so more. He is so great at playing with them. I know there are times when I get exasperated at his timing when he “riles them up” – like before bed or somewhere where you should “behave”.

It is then that I wonder about a mother’s “logic”? So when exactly is GOOD timing to PLAY with your children? When they are 15 and want nothing to do with you? It comes so quickly! I know this!

So instead, I am so glad that we still play with them. That my husband allows them to see his love and affection in his goofy big kid ways!

I think about the times that I’ve said I’m too busy or was too embarrassed to act silly with them. I vow that I will continue to change that. I need to stop worrying about whether I’m a great mom or not. I just need to BE who I am right there in that moment.

So what did I do? I dove into the water and joined them so that I was IN my heart instead of watching with it. The sun shone on and the world kept turning. And it was another glorious day and I am a great mom! I am just what they need. I am in my heart and it is in me. 🙂

10 Things I Learned While Camping This Weekend

We spent the weekend out at my Mom & Dad’s camping with family this past weekend. These are just some of the things I learned:

  1. I may have to put on a winter coat, but dammit, I’m sitting by the campfire in July!
  2. Sisters are still sisters no matter what time & space comes in between
  3. Bacon & Egg calories don’t count when camping!
  4. Old dogs do NOT learn new tricks (or anything! for that matter!)
  5. Fireworks should be FIRMLY planted in the ground!
  6. I still SUCK at horseshoes, especially after a few cold ones!
  7. Cousins are the best friends that God grants us through birth!
  8. You are never too old to eat Puffed Wheat squares made by Gramma
  9. It’s never too cold in a tent when curled up with a warm Italian!
  10. Nothing, I mean, NOTHING, makes my mom happier than to be surrounded by her family!

What did you learn this holiday weekend?