It’s the dawn of a new day

This morning I woke up in Kananaskis country, surrounded by mountains and pristine beauty. I’m here for a document management symposium.

I briefly thought about the past week and the difficult times I’ve had personally and professionally. There have been times in the past week or so that I’ve wanted to “throw in the towel”, but I wouldn’t. It’s just not an option.

For all the trials and heart ache life brings us, it brings us greater joy and boundless gifts. This morning, the day is bright and beautiful in the mountains, I’ve got a brain absorbing all this great new info, good food, a nice room to sleep in. I’m healthy and young.

Each day brings us another chance. We get to start over. We get to believe. We get to hope. We get to love. We get to LIVE.

Everyday, find those ordinary miracles. Be thankful for all that you are given. Forgive. Love. Laugh. Live.

Embrace the dawn of a new day.