Lent Day 12 and 13

Sunday and Monday – got a little behind on the posts here…

Date Night on Saturday was really fantastic! We went to Tony Roma’s. We had filet medallions and I had a few ribs while Bruce had shrimp. We skipped the potatoes and had extra veggies. Our starter was a few dumplings (likely sugar in there?) and salads. We had oil based dressings, so no sugars there! We skipped dessert and opted for a bottle of dry red wine instead!

All in all, I think we did pretty good for the no refined sugar plan! We ended the evening with a latte in Chapters while we spent time with each other exploring books that we don’t normally get to do.

Sunday was actually kind of busy because I had a client’s organizing session. We were treated to dinner at the Worth’s which was a special treat! 🙂



Breakfast: I only had a banana and my 2 lattes – not a good example! I just wasn’t hungry!

a.m. Snack: missed this

Lunch: ham and cheese wraps – needed energy for my organizing session

p.m. Snack: missed this

Supper:at the Worth’s we had roasted chicken, jasmine rice and asparagus with a delicious cream sauce! So very good! Thanks Dale and Krystal!




Breakfast: spoiled again by my husband who made me a cheese egg burrito with salsa.

a.m. Snack: missed this – should be eating before my noon hour workout

Lunch: I made a veggie whole wheat pita sandwich for today for everyone – lettuce, carrot, peppers, purple onion and black beans. It gave me lots of energy post workout

p.m. Snack: missed this again!

Supper: Bruce made BBQ chicken out there in the crazy snow tonight! We also had mixed veggies and spaghetti squash with butter. I love spaghetti squash, I must say!

And now a glimpse of the snow (it’s still snowing, I believe! Yay! Snow Day tomorrow I hope!)

Snowy Winter Evening!

Christmas Snow

There’s another snow storm approaching today. We had a scary one last Friday too.  These storms do make it dangerous driving on the roads here. In general, the weather has been pretty mild this winter.

However, if you don’t have to go anywhere, it makes for a beautiful Christmas. I do love the snow for Christmas. Snow is Christmas for me.

  1. I remember a ton of snow at Christmas time when I was a kid – it was awesome to get a “snow day” before school was actually out for Christmas break! We could then stay home and play board games and giggle about what we might get from Santa!
  2. We grew up on a farm, on a hill with the river below us, it was a beautiful view across the valley of snow covered trees and snow sparkling on the fields. My dad chose that spot especially for the view.
  3. Our tobogganing hill was (still is!) famous! It is the place to go for an amazing ride. It is setup special so that we can have a big bonfire. It is a requirement to go tobogganing at least once during the Christmas break – still! As little kids, we had tons of fun going down the hill with our cousins and friends. As teenagers, we were allowed to have tobogganing “parties” at night during a full moon. It was so bright, you could see your shadow! The quiet of a snowy night on the hill is one of my favorite memories.
  4. Of course, the river meant lots of skating during the holidays. My dad and other dads in the community would use the river to flood the outdoor rink. I remember lacing up my skates and skating around with the shovel helping shovel snow off the ice until we had enough room to play! Goal posts were someone’s boots – boy were they cold when you put them back on! Many a puck was lost over the boards and into the snow. We’d always find them in the spring, ready again for next year!
  5. Skating on the river was cool too – dad would break a hole in the ice, and the water would “flood” the river. We could then skate all over on it. A recent fond memory I have is shortly after we got married, we went out on New Year’s Eve to my parents. The river had been recently flooded, so I convinced my hubby to lace up skates and go skating under the full moon along the river. He is a city boy, so he thought that was pretty amazing – and I thought it was pretty romantic 😉
  6. We have extended family that have horses and sleighs. It was always a tradition to go for a sleigh ride with our cousins and family friends. We’d all pile on, sitting on straw bales, snuggled under blankets. The joke always was to see who would get dumped off into a snow drift first! It was hilarious when you’d have to run and catch up to the sleigh again covered in snow! We’d stop and warm up by a fire that my dad and uncles got going. We’d roast hot dogs and have hot chocolate that my mom and aunts would always make sure we had along. We still try to take the kids out and do this during the Christmas break. It is a fond memory I love to share with them!
  7. We 4H’ers would head out in the Christmas snow to sing Christmas Carols for the older people in the neighborhood. Everyone pretended that it was a “drag”, but everyone still showed up and spent the evening laughing and singing and loving the occasional chocolate that someone would invariably have waiting for us at their door! My girlfriends and I went out last Christmas and did this with our kids! I hope we can do it again!
  8. I love the quiet that snow seems to bring. The way it sparkles in the sunshine or even the full winter moon. To have to squint as I’ve gazed across the field covered in snow, white everywhere. And it seems to me to be like a snuggly blanket – which is kinda weird since it’s so cold. It just feels like it is wrapped around everything, protecting until spring comes again.

These are some of the things that I love about all this snow that comes at this time of year.

The snow is not all bad 🙂 What do you like about the snow at this time of year?