Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Sometimes I wonder at my dense, thick skull! I thought of the movie/book Eat, Pray, Love where Liz talks to God on her bathroom floor and receives an answer almost immediately. And where Richard from Texas says to her that if she’d just clear the stuff out of her mind; the Universe would just RUSH into all that space. Her capacity to love the whole world would just take over. How I’ve read and heard that message so many times from so many places; yet it still is so easy to forget. To just ASK for help! and then let go, move forward and see what happens.

It wasn’t 5 minutes after I finished whining in my post yesterday that I began receiving answers. A facebook shared story from a friend about a very young mother who died just one week after her baby was born and got to hold her before she died had me shaken at my desk. How small all those questions about my job became in an instant. How my worries about getting things organized for when I’m not there seemed so ridiculous. I might not be there tomorrow! What difference would it make? I am completely replaceable, just another employee. They would not miss me. My legacy is not there.

It is in the timely text from the husband who had no idea about the state I was in when he sent a spontaneous text just to say “I love you”.

It is in the friends and family that came to my office, called, texted, emailed, commented, posted and sat at my kitchen table reminding me how very blessed I am to be surrounded by people that love me. All advised me, all cared, all are there, I just have to ask.

It is in the ache in my calf muscles after a fun, giggly evening of trying something new – learning to dance with my husband.

It is in hanging out with friends, sharing laughs and a beverage or two at my kitchen table like so many times before, yet still the best place to be.

It is falling asleep in my lover’s arms, safe and warm while the wind blows outside and a snow storm threatens.

It is in the early Saturday morning coffee surrounded by my children quietly drawing and reading and watching Discovery Channel.

I asked. I received. I am so very thankful.


I wanted to share some photos of the summer adventures so far with the cousins! Two cousins are missing from the pictures 😦 They were missed.

They are all very close in age, which is a lot of fun! They are at the age where we’re still ok to hang around with, yet are independent too!

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Summer has always been about getting together with cousins for us. Camping, fishing, canoeing down the river, sleepovers that lasted days, catching frogs, riding horses, hanging out at our Auntie’s cabin at the lake, generally driving my mom crazy!

Now, our children continue the tradition! Driving her crazy! Right mom!? 🙂

Dance with Cinderella

It’s funny how the Universe works. I was just on my way back to work from lunch, and was a couple minutes late. A song came on the radio that stopped me and brought tears to my eyes. It’s funny that it came on the heels of a busy week, leading into another busy week. Following my post of feelings of overwhelm and missing those that are important to me.

It was another reminder to cherish all of my Cinderellas and all of my Prince Charmings – I have so many…As a friend and I discussed yesterday, life can be changed in an instant. The little worries just don’t matter.

Hold the ones precious to you. Hold them very close. Think of them as you listen to this song.

Thank you Universe, thank you Cinderella and Prince Charming

Giving Thanks

Today is the Canadian day for Thanksgiving.

We already stuffed ourselves with turkey yesterday at Nana and Nono’s house.

Of course, this time of year always makes me think about what I’m especially thankful for.  It also makes me think about all those things that I take for granted. There’s that guilt-trip again!

What am I thankful for:

I am thankful for my family. I got to spend Saturday afternoon/evening with my siblings and my dad here at my house. We just talked and laughed (and ate and ate)! I really enjoy getting together with my sisters and brother and their spouses and kids. Mom isn’t here this year, she’s off to Texas with my daughter enjoying a stay at her sister’s house! Fun!

Dad is always quiet when he sits with us as a large group. It was always that way growing up around the dinner table too. We’d all be talking at once about a million different things. He would just sit and listen. Occasionally, he would pipe in with his vast knowledge on every subject or remind us to eat our dinner. I wonder if he sat there on Saturday night reminiscing about all those dinner time conversations and about how the four of us grew up so fast. I am so blessed to have wonderful parents who still to this day encourage us and teach us – and those conversations still happen around a dinner table.

My Dad has always been a very patient man. He is always teaching and seems to know absolutely everything. Often, if I need an answer or if my kids want to know something I don’t know, I’ll say, “Go ask Papa”. And he always has an answer for them and always takes the time to show them how to do something. They all adore him, as do the four of us. I am so thankful for my dad – the patient teacher.

My Mom didn’t have to be my mom – she chose to. I am so very thankful for that. She decided to marry this man with four kids! You would never know that she didn’t give birth to us because to her, and to us, we are her children. She has always pushed us to be our best. All four of us are great parents/spouses and successful people who contribute to society in all kinds of ways. This is what I am thankful for – my mom who to this day, still pushes us to be our best, and loves us even though she didn’t have to.

Of course, I am extremely thankful for the amazing husband and gorgeous children (no bias there!) that I have been blessed with. I have bragged about my husband before on this blog! I am so thankful for him. He has stuck by me when I didn’t think anyone would. My children are so awesome! My daughter is so much like me – always creating something and she has such a beautiful soul. She is just so precious! My boys – they are so much alike. Quiet, steady and full of imagination. They have such caring hearts too. Their gentleness will make them wonderful men some day.

I am thankful for my friends. I used to think that I’d never find a “kindred spirit”. I just never seemed to fit in. Then I met the wonderful person that I refer to as my “best friend”. She understands me like no one else ever has. She listens to me go on and on, never judges me, just lets me talk it out. She is always there when I need her. One of my greatest and fondest memories of walking for the Weekend to End Breast Cancer two years ago was all the time we got to have together on our training walks. So many days of our lives were spent talking as we walked and walked. I do miss that time that we had together. When we are able to spend time together, it seems like we solve all the problems of the world! That we can do anything. And, I believe we can!

There is a saying that goes something like this: “Friends are the family that you get to choose”. As an adult, we get to select the people that we want to spend time with. I have so many women who I consider to be “close friends”. Every woman needs to have “girlfriends” that lift her spirit, laugh with her, cry with her, care for her and her family, and just be there for her. We have a special bond, us “girls” – and I am so thankful to have so many that I care about and I know care about me.

I am thankful for my life. I have blogged often about this. I believe that I am truly blessed. Too often, I let “things” get in the way of me living my life. I am trying very hard to stop doing this. My life is full of wonderful people and every day there are little miracles that prove to me that life is worth living. I am surrounded by people that love me in a world that is absolutely incredible! Too often we blink and miss it. I am trying to take the time and slow down and be thankful everyday for all that life has brought me.

I give thanks everyday for all that I have. Most of all, for my family and my friends. And also for the chance to live my life and pass it on to my children.

What are you thankful for?